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I'm more impressed by the "pliance jumpers".

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Hate to say this, but I hope the scumbag is crippled for life.It's about the only way to see any real punishment. If he survives intact, he gets a slap on the wrist and will be doing this again and again.

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There was a guy that raced back in the 80's named Jerry Jirkovsky. Baseball had Dick Pole and Dick Such.

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The track that kid's riding is smooth as glass. Put him on that 86 Unadilla track and he probably wouldn't be able to handle it. I think it's pretty much been proven that most of today's riders don't do well on rough natural terrain tracks like that. ... more ยป

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It turns out that the 2 guys are brothers and the woman is the guy in the red shirt's wife. The guy in the red shirt was a little mad at his brother because the wife wanted to throw the ball back.

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I'll bet that ho would have no problem stashing a S&W 44 magnum with 8 3/8" barrel up there.

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Make your own. It's relatively inexpensive and pretty easy.

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Russian Moonshine. Reminds me of some bums around here were drinking Lysol several years ago because it was cheaper than the real stuff and gave 'em a better buzz.

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Coop, Big Al, & El Hombre are gonna do it. Good Luck guys, bring it home where it belongs.

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Robby also had a lengthy Indy car career before Nascar. I've always heard that he started his racing career doing Moto X.

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LOL looks like fun and judging by the turnout, this must be a national. All the booze is what probably keeps these inbreds from getting hurt. The winner gets a can of Hamms and a kiss from the toothless barefoot Queen of the Hollar.

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Don't forget nigger, gook chink, spic, dago, kike either.

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They still should have been able to bump start it if that was the problem. That rear wheel was locked. He said in his interview after moto 2 that "it was his fault", but never mentioned exactly what the problem was.

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The victim grabbed a machete while the punks were beating on him and hacked away.