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A little confused by all the dounchbaggery going on in this thread. Thanks for the update AC9 and all the best with your recovery. I trust that the decision will prove wise in the years to come.

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Interesting how the top 40 players all are famous in the NBA and NFL etc.. but if you don’t make the podium in SX or MX you suck and need to quit. I’ve even heard people hang shit on tomac. I mean this is the guy that HAS WON IT ALL in the last few years ... more »

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I for one would be extremely sad to see BB go. Watching him listlessly go backwards during the start of the race and waiting in anticipation for his balls to drop and then see him blow past everyone on the way back to the front.. Totally unforgettable. ... more »

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I noticed AC posting in the comments that he’s was doing outdoors with Mookie?

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Yeah I was surprised at that. Very disrespectful to your mechanics imho. Like maybe after a championship or something, but not after a 3rd. But hey!, they are just kids.. stoked to see the aussies up there banging!

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I noticed the crowd roar and I believe it’s because he is cool and likeable. Not because he is dark skinned. I am pleased to say I didn’t even draw that conclusion and I believe most didn’t. We should be judged on the merit of our achievement and that’s ... more »

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How many kids would I have if I didn’t pull out?

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I agree with this comment. My opinion of why this narrative is happening is this. Cooper Webb “looks” slow. Kind of like Dungey did. Just cruising around and not really hanging it out. Whereas Ken has a beautiful style that looks quick and tomac is balls ... more »

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Yes it’s pointless to compare. But if nothing else it does show that the times are in the ballpark, and yes Stew, RC and Reedy would be up there if not dominating.

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I’m a literal huge Mookie fan. I really want him to do well and I am also stoked he has a ride even if it’s only for SX. But am I the only guy that’s worried about the Yamaha? Seems like a bike that’s got huge HP and hard to ride. I hate to say it, but ... more »

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^^^ the above comment is one I’ve thought of. Do the factory teams break in suspension on a dyno?

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I’m not religious, I thought it was a cool name. Like,, don’t respect them and you’ll come undone.. that’s what I thought about it. Sick name!

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Actually there is significantly more personality in formula 1. Those drivers very rarely ever thank a sponsor and regularly show frustration and personality or say jokes. Like KMag saying “suck my balls” to another driver or Kimi R saying “oh I went ... more »

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350 vs 450 in a drag race.. ever done it? I did. 2 bikes of the same year. The 350 had a Yosh pipe. Was almost a dead heat any way we did it. Rolling start to rule out take off technique etc. had the 450 pulling it just slightly every time. Nothing to ... more »

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This thread sucks

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... amazing thread. Love all these old vintage bike pics! So cute...

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They aren’t comparable in speed. Not any more

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Not gonna lie. Wasn’t what I was expecting when opening a RD5 thread. Carry on!

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Haha I love how many Suzuki fans are in here frothing yellow... it’s brilliant! For me I’ll invest in a brand that is invested in the advancement and technology of the sport. Right now that means any other brand, but in particular KTM group. And no, ... more »

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In some ways I think it’s weird that so many fans Of supercross want him to retire. Personally I’m happy to see how he genuinely loves the sport. No he isn’t the chad of old, but he loves racing and he can still make mains. Heck I can ride around like ... more »