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You guys on the 300 tpi’s need to try the new Coober ECU units. It really opens up the 300. The power is still very smooth and linear but makes it feel a bit more snappy on the bottom and definitely helps with over rev up top. It also changed the weird ... more »

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300 2t all the way, unless you’re gonna be taking it on a highway. Love my plated 300 xc-w tpi on small back roads. And you can’t beat tje 300 on about any off-road situation. Also a bonus with the tpi you can ride right up to a gas pump then haul a ... more »

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sAAAOSwpz9ePFo5 No affiliation, just thought it was cool.

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The full gas has 2 tracks, a woods track and a grass track. You race each track 3 times per day. It’s a 2 day event, bikes only. By the second day the track is fairly rough. It’s a lot of fun. You go at each track fast as you can, then you get a Short ... more »

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The track is wider at gncc because they race atv and SxS’s on Saturday. They use a dozer to cut the track wide enough for them. The bikes race on Sundays. Check out the Full Gas Sprint Enduro series too, those are a blast. And far as I know there’s not ... more »

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I recommend doing some sprint enduros as well if you have any around you. I do some races in the Kenda Full Gas series and they’re a blast.

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Hey AKS, I’ve been interested in this unit as well. I’ve got 2 tpi bikes. There’s a few threads on Coober over on ThumperTalk forums, just search it on there. Not much info out yet on them though. Aomc has them in stock, but I’m just not sure what it ... more »

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Got my ‘19 300 xcw plated straight from AOMC here in WV. Maybe your local shop can help you with it if you’re buying new? 2T on the back roads is a blast! And no uncorking, epa bs.

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Don’t rule out the KTM/Husky 300 offerings If you can get one plated up there. Not sure how much you plan to ride on the road, you wouldn’t want the 2t for highway use, but the 500 isn’t great for that either. I’ve had both an uncorked 500 exc and now ... more »

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Got this letter in my box with a ticket. Who got the golden? Anybody from vital?

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