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I thought it was $90 for both series?

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Pretty big Roczen fan here. We just named our cat Roczen a few weeks ago to prove it, but credit needs to be given when due. Kenny is poetry in motion on a bike and even though he scored the hero lap he's currently not in the same league as some of these ... more »

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So since this thread was created neither of these devices will work with a Android device?

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This might be the last year we see Kenny race Motocross. I just don't see his arms, especially the one from the 1st crash ever getting back to 100%. I shattered my ankle 2.5 years ago and even though I'm not a physical specimen like him there's still ... more »

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AC has a crap ton of championships to win.

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It stops from time to time for me also but if I don't do anything it will usually resume on its own. That could take 10 seconds and sometimes minutes. I used to have the issue where it would lose its spot but that hasn't happened in a while. I'm sure

... more »
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He had to give it a shot and I give him mad props for that. Not sure about RC thinking it happened when he jumped into the face of that jump though. I think it happened in the corner when he put his leg out and it hit the ground.

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I wonder if after 15 weeks his broadcasting career is ready to "set sail"?

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Can't say I agree with the pricing but they are the only track open 5 days a week that also gives us a good race series. I will agree that $30 to ride the peewee and vet track is insane though. Little guys riding the main track though get the same amount ... more »

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Canyon's a great track and will we open 8-4 this Sunday. Guess there's still some folks protesting because if they price increase.

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For whatever reason it's not in my DVR list and nothing scheduled for Nashville. We've had a few that were scheduled for Sunday because they are trying to get everyone to buy the package, which I did

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How many hours on that 2017. Ours had a 100 when I tore it all the way down. Had a few teeth missing of the gear that operates the water pump impeller. You could have more missing. If it's not starting now the heat likely took something out. Stator or ... more »

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Crap luck again tonight but he got up and still had great speed. He's still real young and I don't know about you guys but I'm looking forward to watching Kenny as he continues to get more and more comfortable after 2 gnarly injuries.

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It also sucks that if you get home later you can't freaking start the race front the beginning till the broadcast is over. By the time I got through dealing with the same login issue it turned on to Roczen being interviewed after the 2nd 450 heat. Had ... more »

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That would be one dry broadcast. Ricky and Fro are capable of doing the same thing just in their own style. What Ralph does neither of those 2 are capable of.

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You are correct. I've never seen it and to be fair I don't doubt the product is excellent. Been running your coolant since it came out and love it, but bike shine is definitely a area where I'm looking for the best bang for my back simply because I can't ... more »

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Cost more than SC1 and there's no way it's as good. Why would anyone buy this? If anything folks are looking for a cheaper alternative to SC1 and no matter what I have tried none come close.

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At 1st I thought the DQ was a little harsh. I had forgotten about what happened in Vegas. The difference between the 2 is I don't believe Barcia was trying to inflict harm when it is clear that Bower's was going for the kill.

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Tomac going down is a pretty big deal not sure why they couldn't get back to the video game story later. At the end of the day it's not a big deal the highlight of last night was definitely the race and nothing else really matters.

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Are you watching the same rider and race the rest of us are watching?