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The Sidi Crossfire 3's are my choice after shattering my ankle in Tech 7's. If you have a wider foot get the TA model and not the SRS. The only difference is sole replacement on the TA's need to be done by a cobbler as they are stitched on. Tech 7's ... more »

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I shattered my ankle casing a double with Tech 7's. Nice comfortable boots but I feel ankle support simply is not the best. Sidi Crossfire 3's on the way. I tried some Fox Instincts but after wearing those for a bit the tops of my feet would start to ... more »

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A distant 4th? Yeah ok.

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Barcia was awesome!

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Destroyed my Talus last February. Trying to ease back into riding again. My problem isn't so much when I'm riding but after a few motos the pain starts and by the time i get home I can barely walk. Definitely looking to try ankle savers to avoid another ... more »

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Forgiveness before permission always.