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Wow! Nobody cares to comment? People were asking for it a few weeks ago so I thought I would let you know it's available.

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Just want to get the word out that the 2012 JT RACING MX gear and casual wear is now available! You can check it out at your local motorcycle dealership/shop or contact to find a place to get it.

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I may be in a very small minority but, my parents raised me to appreciate and respect a women' s naked form at an early age. Maybe because it was the 70's but I was flipping through Playboy and Penthouse before I was even in kindergarten. I was taught ... more »

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You guys are kidding right? So riding a dirtbike without a gas running engine would be OK for all you guys? Think of all the companies that are built around the current motorcycle design....Wiseco, Boyesen, Maxima, Torco, Renthal, DID, RK, Engine Ice, ... more »

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RENTHAL Kevlar Dual compound Taper.....seem to last a long time and I get less blistering. SCOTT has a new grip called the Deuce that's really nice too.

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Did anyone stay for the 2 stroke race? Those bikes were pretty loud too. I'm not complaining at all though. I like the sound. A race bike should sound scary fast right? Anyone ever been to a NHRA race at Pamona? Now thats loud! Never heard anybody complain ... more »

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Johnny come lately here......I want to get a new system. PS3 or XBOX360? What system does MX vs ATV play best on? What do all you guys have?

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1 I will almost die of heat stroke. 2 I will try to remedy heat stroke with energy drinks and beer. 3 I will take pictures of many hot Moto-ho’s. 4 I will totally enjoy myself watching all the races. 5 I will totally get in trouble when my wife sees ... more »

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No SX in the game?

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I read that Decoster is working on getting the funding from Japan. Try to imagine how much money it would take to bring Reed into this championship? Probably a few million?

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All those guys are good but, me think's Stanton,Bradshaw,Jeff Ward, Dymond ,O'Mara ,Kiedrowski, Cooper, Emig, McGrath.......all on 125's.

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Check out the new RK GB520MXU chain. It's a very lightweight O-ring chain and is starting to get popular.

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Really? A new PS3 MX game?

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Stewart has 11 wins and Reed has 3 wins. How can we not believe that Stewart was going to beat Reed last weekend anyway? Stewart has more SX wins than Reed and it took him 3 years less to do it. And this is while Reed and RC have been there. It's sad ... more »

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I like it.......looks like 1994 all over again

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I run pump gas with PJ1, Trick or Maxima Hi Test fuel additive and notice my bike runs better and cleaner with them. Less pinging and popping and a more consistent throttle response. Race gas feels like it does about the same.

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I think the 90/100-21 is better in hard, dry conditions and will absorb bumps a little better because of the increase in air volume but, will not follow ruts as good as the 80/100-21? I might just be totally wrong but, this is all the info I have.

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I might be interested but I can't do all 3 days. It's the 17th-19th correct? I have a camera but, I'm not a pro like you. What do you need from me?

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When the 2002 CRF450 came out I decided that I had to jump in and get on the bandwagon and have ridden a 4 stroke ever since. Now on a YZ250F I am really missing having more power but kind of want a 2 stroke again. I spend way too much money on keeping ... more »