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How much for the head and the rotor?

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Love to see this guy get the equipment he deserves. I grew up racing with him in the Midwest and he’s always had that next level kind of talent. Super excited to see what he can do on the orange machine🤘

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Look at this way, you have Pastrana, who everyone and their grandmama knows that have never even riden a dirt bike and has a massive following of fans. Then you have Ronnie Mac who has a lot of social media following. The whole point of them doing this ... more »

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Finally got some more parts ordered, couldn't figure out what was going on with the rear brake pressure so I just found a rear caliper and got a new steel braided line as well. Got some graphics ordered up from Motopro and ordered some new number plates ... more »

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Been pretty busy lately so haven't had a chance to post some small progress but got the front fender fitted up, just had to shave down the middle fin in order for the front plate to sit right. Still having trouble with getting the rear brake to build

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Parts are starting to come in! Had to order new triple clamps, the bottom clamp that was on the bike was trashed. The bump stops were basically non existent. Decided to just go with some stock ones I got off eBay for $45 and polish them up. Also had

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Anyone know what other wheels will fit on this thing? Went to check through the spokes and most of them are shot and the front rim has a decent sized dent in it. Would some stock black kxf wheels off of a 250f fit?

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Sweet, yea I'll check it out! The goal is to do some sff forks on it. Probably keep the power plant stock bore, for now atleast. I'd like to find a works pro circuit pipe if anyone has any hook ups on one of those for this year model

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Hey guys just wanted to share my first bike build with you guys and also pick up some pointers on what to do and what doesn't work with these bikes. Picked this up about 2 weeks ago and just slowly getting it up to riding standards. Very few hours on

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Thanks guys. I had to use zip ties as a quick fix and that didn't hold up to well lol

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The mounting bracket for my seat came off. Any good ways to make it stronger than with the rivets that keep it in place?

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