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Kawi let's him go and he takes Zachos spot on the Factory Broadcast team..

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There's a good chance Yamaha goes 24-0... Not likely but still a decent chance. If it wasn't for the Lawrence brothers that statement could be true for both classes.

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What about that 30 second board chick!? 🤩...I miss her.

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The only other explanation, besides all the others that have been suggested, is that he has a secret deal already locked in and he's cruising around to make a hard push on the new bike similar to what Webb did on Yamaha. Probably not but all we have ... more »

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Yamaha has always been a very dependable bike. Yes the 10'-13' bike was a turd but still very bulletproof. I did love the ergos of the 10'-13' 250f just wasn't efi but the wr450 with those ergos, non-reverse motor and EFI was an underrated thing of beauty,

... more »
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I have nothing against the kid but all night I thought Forkner looked HORRIBLE. He looked physically weak on the bike, had horrible body positioning and suspension looked off all night. He didn't look smooth at all, so I was really surprised to see this ... more »

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I personally think what Aldon brings to the table is more scientific/anatomy "knowledge of the body". I think he knows how to get the riders "blood levels" etc at peak performance starting the season and maintaining throughout the season, better than ... more »

Started new thread Marchbanks 450 East Coast? 2/2/2022 12:31 AM

Yes, the 450 class is really competitive but I can't help thinking that Marchbanks would be a great fit for the 450 (due to his size) and even score some better results than Alex Martin. This 250 west series has to be a disappointment for him although ... more »

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Started new thread Props to D.Blair in the booth 1/30/2022 12:15 PM

I thought the dude did great! Him and RC seemed to compliment eachother really well and he brought a lot of energy and insight to the commentary. He knew exactly who the riders were, where they were and what was happening from a racers point of view. ... more »

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Forgive me if this has been said before but why in the world do they have these jokers on during qualifying?? It's ridiculous and nobody cares what these nobodies think. PLEASE Peacock let us watch the qualifying like we signed up to watch!! Know your ... more »

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I don't have an opinion either way I was just curious as if something happened. Sorry, was not trying to start anything I just realized a lot of post where people were saying things like "Swap, no thanks". It sparked my interest but by no means was trying ... more »

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For the first time ever in my life I've been completely away from the moto trends. I still follow the racing but my bikes have been sitting and I haven't been on vital or following much for the last 2 years. What's the deal with people "cancel culturing" ... more »

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Y'all do realize this would be equivalent to the supercross final round, points tied, white flag coming out, leader has a huge lead, and the AMA red flags staggered restarts the race, right? Minus the tire change situation... Also whoever said F1 needs ... more »

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Kenny Roberts