A friend of mine (Actor Frank John Hughes) has a son Chris Hughes who is a pro freestyle BMX guy and now at 30 finally got himself his first Dirt Bike. His parents were always against it but I guess it was okay for Chris to break bones back and front flipping bicycles, go figure. Never made sense to me. When Chris was a kid I put him on my sons KTM 50SX and he was fast right out of the gate, absolutely no fear and potential beyond belief. But that potential never materialized on a Dirt Bike only a BMX Bike. So now at 30 he has a KX250 and rides as many days a week (Outdoor Tracks not Supercross) as he can in and around local tracks in California. I can see he still has skills for Outdoors but he needs a riding coach. He's a great guy and I want to do something nice for him. I realize the timing isn't good because the Outdoors are going on (finally) but if you know of a Riding Coach or Retired Pro looking to make some money for 1 or 2 days out at Glen Helen, etc. please drop me an email to intro yourself and we can discuss this further. 

All The Best,

Joe Moore

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Joe Momma Joe Momma 8/18/2020 4:52 PM

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