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New thread Denver Snowcross? 4/9/2019 3:44 PM

Blizzard Warning out tonight, Supposed to get hit tomorrow through Friday with some heavy snow. We live south of Denver so not sure how much they are expecting but knowing Colorado we usually get hit hard every March April. Not sure why they scheduled ... more »

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New thread Free Solo 3/10/2019 8:09 PM

Anybody catch this Documentary? I'll leave it at Holy Shit! https://youtu.be/S4F3JK7oHn0

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New thread Deegan wins on the dirt 3/1/2019 3:59 PM

Hailie Deegan that is, first female to lead points since the 70's. She was on Nascar Xfinity show today and was thrilled to announce her contract to the ARCA series. Running 6 races this year with Venturini Motorsports. Good to see her rise in the sport.

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New thread For you DIY'ers, Concrete countertops made easy 3/1/2019 7:37 AM

Came across this vid while surfing YT, Been in Construction for about 40 years now and Concrete countertops became the "New" wave in the late 90's so we've done a few since. This guy made it easy enough so that the Homeowner can do it with ease. https://youtu.be/T7mYB6x68DY ... more »

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New thread kraft 2/22/2019 10:14 AM

Money Laundering and Prostitution https://www.cnbc.com/2019/02/22/new-england-patriots-owner-robert-kraft-charged-with-soliciting-prostitution.html

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New thread Watched last Ten laps 2/16/2019 9:07 PM

Over and over at least 5 times now, this was an epic ride by any standard's, can't remember the last time a rider from their "last season" that has come so far. Good for you Mr. Webb, you are! The Man! Keep us all on our feet knowing your in it no matter

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New thread Nacho, the mad man 2/16/2019 7:25 PM

Love it! Watched him through the whole journey going to Europe then back to the states making it work! RESPECT!

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New thread Murder Mountain 2/7/2019 8:13 PM

Anyone else watching this on Netflix? just got 2 rounds in, interesting how good went so bad fast.

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New thread F**K You Mountain Lion, I'm Jogging here 2/5/2019 12:39 PM


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New thread OK, now we have something to watch 1/26/2019 11:10 PM

Know I'm not alone in this, SX was getting "Stale" as an open bag of chips in Michigan until this years SX. Now I'm watching every event like "Who's gonna win this week"?!? type shit. Like it used to be in the 70's-early 90's. Remember watching Privateer ... more »

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New thread Profile pics gone from MX to BMX? 1/2/2019 1:01 PM

Thought I was in Vital BMX with everybody's pic changed to BMX, gotta say it's pretty Rad pic though ...needs an


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New thread Lock Picking Lawyer 11/30/2018 11:45 AM

Do you have a fascination about Locks? so does this guy. Watch a couple of his Vids and see. careful, can be addicting

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New thread Invisible Fence Collar 11/17/2018 4:34 PM

I'm looking for a receiver that goes on the collar for a Dog fence. Phoned Invisible fence but with re training and all it's going to hurt in the wallet . Any Members out there have a Receiver they are willing to sell i'd pay for it. Here's a pic of

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New thread XXVoid MainXX ~ PPIHC Registration opens Nov 15th 11/8/2018 10:22 AM

Don't know if your still interested in racing Pikes Peak but here's the latest. http://ppihc.org/competitor-registration-for-the-2019-broadmoor-pikes-peak-international-hill-climb-will-open-on-november-15/

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