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On right now on NBCSN

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Not too bad Glad I jumped on this early, my trip total is 420.00. Got on Spirit airlines round trip to Chicago for 102.00 bucks, rental car for 110.00 plus tickets, food..ect. added 100 just for unforeseen costs adjustments. Just looked on spirit and ... more »

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Big name Cup teams have her on their Radar, Females that do well in NASCAR are a sponsors dream. I see her doing better than Danica simply because she's been in stock cars alot longer then Danica was before she went to Nascar.

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This from a story in 2007, " Amy Ritchie.How big is Red Bud?"We haven't hit 30,000 (people attending the race) yet but last year we were at 28,000," said Gene Ritchie. And while the Ritchies are expanding the track, don't expect 50,000 anytime soon."This ... more »

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Said the same to my friends when the track got the news they had the 2018 MXDN. "Gonna be a Woodstock" for sure.