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First of several Steel City trips from Florida with my son. Great memories. We were right in front of watching Ricky trying to break records and also watching Langstons wheel blow out. It was heart wrenching and elation all at the same time. My son and ... more »

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I'm also looking at Beta 390 and 430. I definitely want a plate and after reading dozens of test it seems like a good option. The closest dealer is an issue. 5 hr drive. Husqvarna 40 min. Any ideas or suggestions are surely appreciated

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Thanks. That's what I was thinking.

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I was looking for a 501 and wanted street legal. The local dealer just got 2 but they are fe model. They have a lighting kit they will put on to be street legal. I actually like this idea because it will be a little more power and already have tires ... more »

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I thought this was a new radiator coolant.

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If you don't want to be an idiot only show your dad that picture. He will think your a genius and won't have to teach you what bathroom to use

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I just got an email notice yesterday that pits and trackside are not available. All tickets are getting designated seats. Kinda sucks. Been going every year for longer than i can remember. I never havr sat down yet. Love going back and forth down the ... more »

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I just bought one in fare shape just to ride around on local trails. I plan to go through it and add a bunch of goodies for the fun of it. Do any of you know where info on mods for these little bikes are? Good place to look?

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I want them

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Do you know if they are sized where they might fit a 9 1/2? Got a picture?

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Here is a first for me. Called to go pick it up and he won't sell it now. Says his son called and told him not to sell it. Not on FB now. Oh well saved me $. I have 2 projects already

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Xeno. How the hell did you find the bike im looking at

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Sorry i have pictures i thought were attached

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What do you think. Wants $2000. Original owner. He thought 15-30 hrs ridden. He never did anything to it. He thought that was great. Oh well. Started first kick and sounded good. He took the filter off because it was rotten.

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On the pipe

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I loved that magazine and feel it never got looked at the way should. I have all but #1

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I loved reading your story. The vivid description made me think of many storys doing very similar things. However it did make my legs go numb and late for work, lol

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I will be there with 2 friends in motor home. That's 3 more!!!

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I never post on here but this is so goofy I had to tell you after a nasty hot exhausting day in south west Fl. And several Fat Point Ales this made laugh till my sides hurt . Please keep it going. You guys crack me up.

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Me and my buddy Mike taylor will be there. First motocross national since Budds MXDN, cant wait!