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At the moment? Roczen won the MX2 World Championship then came here and got beat 2 years straight on the 250's... It wasn't until he had been training in the US for 3 years that he started winning again. How long was Dylan in the US before he started winning? Jett has never raced GP's...

I think there's a lot of under analysis that goes on here. A guy was born in Germany and he's winning in AMA, must be GP guys are better than American's... Not quite how it works.

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This is an exaggeration. Some come here and win but not all. And typically it is one of their budding superstars like a Roczen or Bayle who would have "dominated" in MXGP as well.

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You must have an incredible amount of free time if you're fact checking me on MY column. And you're wrong, by the way. Per the Vault, here's Eli's 450 class starts: SX- 21, 20, 4, 5, 22, 3, 7.
MX- 3, 3, 1, 1, 2, 3.... some of these seasons, 2016 for example, he didn't win an overall until the halfway point in the series.
My point was that he doesn't push until he's comfortable, which makes sense. He's had real issues getting his Kawasaki to turn while getting the fork to hold up the way he wants. It's been a point of contention over there and it likely has a lot to do with his leaving for Yamaha next season. I stand by what I said.

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Should have added in the State of Utah and the University of Utah for Person of the year. They really stepped up in to being able to have the continuation of a SX season in 2020

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Official PR from Kawi Europe: KRT and Romain Febvre made a mutual decision that the Frenchman would not contest the GP to ensure he suffered no further damage to a painful knee injury sustained in a training crash last week.

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Because it gives 4 more guys a spot on a factory ride. I don't care if its the same bike. I think it help the sport grow by allowing more guys to have the support they deserve. If they launch a Us based team dudes like Benny blose, Dean Wilson, and Justin bogle would have a full-time spot. Something I think all of us would really like to see.

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