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Yea... but you’ve always deserved it Cooksey

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Thanks Davey for your insight. Great example of taking the high road. You are a scholar and a gentleman.

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It’s much better to hear more info regarding your side of the fallout Ping. ...saying it was just fake news left many of us wondering since there was some mud slinging going on. I hope you can work it out with Matthes as well as I thought you were one ... more »

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I went off on Ping because he talked crap on one who should have been his good friend - Matthes, and then lied about not doing it. (He responded to my post on Racer X) Then he lied about the situation leaving your Racer X. Maybe you’re okay with it because ... more »

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Didn’t claim to have it all figured out ...and there are some blatantly obvious facts here. But this is not about me Ping. There are posts here by both people stoked that you’ve moved here AND calling your BS out. Even DC chimed in to clarify what he ... more »

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Must admit I’m a bit confused by you showing up here Ping... you made it sound as though you had too much on your plate and needed to pull back from your Moto-journal work to focus on your family. I guess we don’t get the straight truth with you. Like ... more »