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Jesus fucking christ, you can literally see McAdoo moving his legs and body within milliseconds of landing next to the tough block. It's right there on video for any reasonably seeing person to observe and to draw the same exact conclusion any other ... more »

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Because neck braces are stupid and they don't protect your neck.

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I had an entire stack of tear-offs come loose and flap around for 3 laps before I got so damn annoyed I had to rip the entire mess of plastic off my goggles. No gracias. Roll offs.

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I have an old-fashioned carbureted bike and I’m just wondering if there’s anyway that I can wire up an analog light so that I can see it display on my handlebars to indicate that everything‘s in working order. So like when the bike is running I want ... more »

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F*ck Amazon and everything about them.

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What amazes me is people still use Facebook. Actual grownups. Adults. People with jobs and families and friends and lives... still use Facebook.

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Is your doctor an actual doctor? Specifically, a MD in Orthopefics? Pretty shitty advice if you ask me. That thing is displaced AF. Do you have insurance? Plating a clavicle is about $5000 all-in.

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Common people who are unfamiliar with the sport can go fuck themselves

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Fights, shit being stolen... sounds like Perris, CA all right.

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If you're a seller on Craigslist and agreeing to meet with someone in person, you absolutely must do the following: 1) Always talk to the person over the phone. Never agree to meet with another person strictly over text. 2) Ask them to send you a picture ... more »

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I sure would love to better understand the rationale behind Nike sponsoring James and Ryan and what their end-game was.

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I didn't get a chance to watch the race, but besides the hyper sensitive emotions of some vital members, was anyone else hurt in the incident? Like the medic?

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He broke his collarbone, not his femur three times in a row, or his back. Christ

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Dat ass tho...

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Yeah, I'm guessing they built this course on the Mesa Grande Reservation.

Judging by this vantage point in the film ... more »
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Yes to a fan, but ideally you'll have two fans: one to pull air in, one to push it out. When the van is sealed up, a single fan doesn't really do much. I have a Sprinter 170 and hauling around my moto is not enjoyable. I don't have a partition but, even ... more »

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Just wait til your wife catches you dry humping Betty

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What exactly does that big light actually do? Does the flashing light indicate something, other than it’s working?

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"Never raced. Well maintained."

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It would be a lot more entertaining if they would hand over the announcers booth to the Monster Energy Girls. I would love to hear their keys to the race every week.