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Thanks for the tips guys! ? I went ahead and ordered that filling tool. Will look into the snowmobile shock service.

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Hello! I have searched around for a guide how to service an shock with floating piston instead of an bladder like most japanese brands use. Does anyone have one? Im guessing the compression adjuster needs to be removed and the piston should be in the ... more »

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Keefer testing has a writeup on those clamps.

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Vertex in the the twostrokes and Carillo (cp) in the fourstrokes.

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Anyone who has experience of the 2019 yzf 250 compared to 2019 ktm 250f? Long time ktm owner here but the 19 Yamaha has got me thinking of switching to blue. I own an 2018 ktm 250f right now.

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You probably should break the suspension in some but seriously give the stock stuff a chance! It's really good! I have had 16s and two 17s ktms all with airfork and my current 2018 250f is so much better than the older models! I run forks around 10bar ... more »

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Keefer keeps on saying the bike needs mineral oil to get the clutch to last decent, still fades some when getting hot. Just a thought, I have friends that ride red and they usually end up getting stiffer springs to the clutch also.

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Does the manual state an 1h check? Have never heard of that. Have owned 4 KTM's from 2014 - 2017 and checked valves usually around 40h, not even once have any clearance been out of spec. And thats around 100h on each bike.

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When I ran twinwall on my 350 I loosend the crossbar and pushed the mapswitch to the left of the barpad, thought that worked well.

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I have owned an 350 2017 too and I agree its a bit snappy at the initial throttle! I did put an 51 tooth rear and that made me able to use 3rd most corners. Also removed the baffle in the stock exhaust, was some job to do it with chopping and welding

... more »
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That's the plan.

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Thanks for the tips, will measure spring preload and determine if I might need an 42 spring. And maby need to add preload in the front too. Going to ride sand next week and weekend, just hoping the temperature will be over 0 degrees celcius!

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Sure. I have ttx cartridges in my aer's at the moment, with 4.7 springs in them. clickers are stock 14/14 and forks at first line. On the shock i have an 40nm spring, around 35mm static and 107mm riding sag. Have messed around some with the clickers ... more »

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Talking about sag and suspension, I have always liked a bit more sag on the my ktm 2016 and forward. Have owned 250f 350 and now 250sx. I feel that I loose a lot of traction when running less than around 107-110 sag in the rear with forks on the first ... more »

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I recall that the 125/150sx calls for 1:40 mix ratio, but I can be wrong. Check your manual.

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Which spring is it compared to on the dyno? Green?

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Whatever you do.. Don't buy the vod cause it's barely watchable either! Lags like crazy.. Resolution is good but man.. Sometimes it looks like slowmotion pictures! I want my 150$ back.

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I did check squish on my stock 250sx 2017 and got just under 2mm (!) which equals to almost 0.080" said google. Having trouble jetting my bike aswell, especially since I run some more technical stuff in cold Sweden atm. Stock jetting has worked good ... more »

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Sounds to me like you have the bike set up a bit too much front end biased with low sag numbers and also forks high up in the triples. I would start going to atleast 103-108 sag and put the forks at the 2nd line. What pressure are you running? Also the ... more »

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Speaking of setup tips, im nearing an top end check /replacement. Does anyone know what squish I should aim for with the base gaskets. I meassured squish stock and it was about 1,9mm which seems a bit much even with pump gas.