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I'm the JB who did the track walk and documented the track at the last GP there in 2007. Here is the gallery:

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Groningen - Assen is a 20 minute train ride. About $15,- for a 2 way ticket, around $30,- for the weekend. If you're with a couple of people might as well rent a car in Groningen. Train station to the track is a 5mile walk so not the best option. During ... more »

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Like many of the Dutchies already mentioned: Amsterdam is not what it used to be. It became a tourist trap.. Fly in, be the Amsterdam tourist for a day or two but for race weekend stay in Groningen. Pretty sure some of you will like the easy going vibe ... more »

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Vegas 2004

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Still have a bunch of DC shoes posters when RC was on the Suzuki. The came in various magazines back then.

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After JH, one of them did hang out with Max Verstappen too.

Anyway, I once raced a team event and got a set of ARC gear. It was a long time ago (2004), I never had seen ARC before and never seen it again. Specially not here in the Netherlands. ... more »
Reply to Davey Coombs interview (big)- MXoN USA 2022 or 2023, plus no USGP 2019 10/18/2018 6:24 AM

Obviously this interview never happened. Pretty sure MXGeoff made it all up.

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Here's the complete Youthstream PR: MONACO (Principality of Monaco) 16 October 2018 - Youthstream and FIM-Europe explain the changes to the Regulations for the 2019 FIM-E Motocross European Championships. Youthstream and FIM-E work for the overall interest ... more »

Reply to YOUR Red Bud 2018 MX Des Nations Pics. All The Best Nastiness, All The Controversy, All The Scandal 10/10/2018 12:30 PM

You're more then welcome to stay at my residence, be prepared for our MXoN banter tho. We'll take it extremely personal next year, no explanation needed. But first me and junior will visit you at the Rup farm, ride the mini bike track, cruise with the ... more »

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In a 20 minute race too Rob. Think he could have picked up Roczen with 10 more minutes to go.

Reply to Does Tomac line up at the 2019 MXdN in Assen? 10/8/2018 7:07 AM

If I remember correclty: Nobody was interested to be on team USA except for Carmichael. Then the excuse came there was no funding to send a team. Pastrana wanted to join the team and would pay for it but that never happened either.

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Check out Kirby Jenner on Instagram. Calls himself the "Fraternal Twin of Kendall Jenner" He's hilarious and a photoshop genius.

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How many GP wins did Everts score when he raced two classes in a weekend during the one moto format years?

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I would be surprised if his bike and gear would pass the FIM inspection. Pretty sure Ronnie won't be able to line up behind the gate in his usual gear / bike combo.

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Because they have the money to send a team. Slovenia, Denmark, Latvia are very small MX countries. When the federations can't find a big sponsor or financial help from a government, they simply can't afford to send a team.

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Most kudos go to Dave Bulmer for the weekly MXGP photography. I'm just helping him out occasionally.

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While you’re at it, Anstie is not chasing Cairoli and Herlings. It’s Cairoli and Coldenhoff. Herlings was already around the corner and gone. ... more »