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I've been driving the tallest/longest ProMaster for 2 years now and it's been great! Bought it used with 80k miles and it now has almost 140k and I have had zero issues. Around 16mpg fully loaded down. The turning radius is NUTS! You can do a U-Turn ... more »

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Thanks man we’re all super excited! The three of us got along really well on the FXR/Chap team earlier this year, so it should be a fun season. Jerry and Justin are some of the nicest guys in the sport and I’m stoked I get to learn SX from them. Hoping ... more »

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1985 cr250 vs 2020 Husky 250 lap time video please😎

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We have one with just over 300 people so far titled "JWalks 2020 Fantasy SX". Everyone is welcome to join! We're going to be doing some cool giveaways at certain rounds like triple crowns and east/west shootouts. Feel free to hop in.

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That's a pretty good looking machine

I think the new HRC bike is cool! I remember not liking the 2019 kit very much when they first revealed it, but now it's my favorite kit they've ever had. I think the same will probably apply to the 2020 ... more »
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Just picked up a set for my 2020 Honda 450 and will be making another review video for anyone who's interested! Already took them out for their maiden voyage and I've gotta say, they impress me every time I try them out. Going to finish editing the video ... more »

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Episode 4 is pretty cool

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I ran the Fastway pegs for a number of years as an amateur and was a fan of them. However, I had some issues with the bolt underneath the peg breaking off, allowing the peg to point straight down in the middle of a race. Never resulted in a crash (happened ... more »

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For anyone interested, here's a lap time comparison from day 2 of the 2020 450 shootout out at Fox Raceway. As I said in the video, the bikes were ridden in 30 minute time slots over the course of about 5 hours, so the track was changing a lot, but still ... more »

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"You think he literally took one lap and jumped on another bike immediately? Like a relay race? No water, a sammich? SMH." Actually, what you described is EXACTLY what took place. I spent all day riding the different bikes and getting used to them. Then ... more »

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Thanks for the post and love guys! And thanks to ML for inviting me out to test the new bikes. It was a blast! Tomorrow I'll be posting another "One Lap on Each Bike" GoPro video from our second day at Fox Raceway, then after I race Unadilla I'll start

... more »
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Thanks for all the love in this thread guys! Crazy to see how much support there is out there. Sometimes as a privateer you feel like the world doesn't care about you, but clearly that's not the case! I really appreciate it. To answer a few questions: ... more »

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Moto Stuff
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Thanks a ton for the love guys! Really cool to see how many people are following/supporting the journey this season. I've been a LONG time Honda guy (ever since superminis on a crf150r in 2009), so it was definitely tough for me to make this change.

... more »
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@hbdesigns I’ll for sure be out there in January. Hope to see you there!

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Solid tip bro, didn’t know you could shift. Is that what the lever on the right is for?

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Been searching on craigslist all day after riding that thing! haha

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My buddy asked me if I wanted to spin a few laps on his yz125 I grabbed the gopro and ran before he had time to change his mind haha. Thought you guys may enjoy the helmet cam footage! I've also posted a few bike review videos on the channel ... more »

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What's up guys. After riding the new bike for about a month, I decided to sit down and talk about everything I like, dislike, and think are worthy first-upgrades as well as telling you guys what i'm doing with the suspension to fix the front-end issues

... more »

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iMovie! On the videos that have the speed and heart rate info, I use the Garmin VIRB Edit app, but it seems like it compresses the videos a little more than iMovie which is why I haven't done it for every video.