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Dv, your KitKats didn’t get you your wins, and like hopper said testing was nonexistent in those ‘early’ days. So you were never questioned. Lol.

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If your talking about an amateur career then it’s 11 (JS259 MA800 AC92) , which in my opinion is what counts because racers only have 2 title opportunity each year and after 16 years old they CAN go race the pros which most do. I really never think about ... more »

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love the videos. Subscribed!

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Ya and didn’t they just win a title in Supercross while they’re premier rider held the lead halfway threw?! Anyways huge bust at lorettas, there was a lot that could have happened for Honda to run the show in pro classes. Mumford starts are a top of ... more »

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Do yourself the biggest favor and get arch supports, I don’t walk without them in my shoes or ride without them in my boots. Mine are made of fiberglass because the ones my brother uses from the chiropractor are of a rubber material and I like the hard ... more »

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Wow that’s a rough passing for a lot in this industry, I know Ron did a lot with my dad and the early motoconcept bikes and I know I’ve personally had a few engines of his in my race bike as a pro during privateer years! I have even had the pleasure ... more »

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That’s actually a pretty low number compared to other teams. Me n Mikey had 75k win bonuses on 250s while it was rumored the gieco boys at the same time were 100k. 450 win bonuses are $150k-$200k for the top guys that take bonuses for only 1st place. ... more »

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Second picture looks like he had the right to close the line down. I wasn’t there but I watched the race and it looks to me by that second pic he was fighting hard to hold his position.

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Congratulations ryan!!!!

Added reply in a thread Tyler Bowers Signing- Friday June 28th 6/25/2019 9:56 AM

Very cool of you guys to support our racers, open the vault and hook Tyler up he is a true racer!!

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Riders dont race a season on 450s and then just race a 250 for a race. No matter how good Zach is on a 250 he won’t drop down for a weekend and race one. He needs time on the bike to make that kind of decision. Also didn’t Zach race for Puerto Rico? ... more »

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Just like what it said above me, send sand riders with fast bikes. In my opinion AC is good but his bike looked really slow this weekend and kept him from the front(I do think he backed off and took it easy on his bike cause it’s better to have points ... more »

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Rip moto brother, I’ve road Baja acres and although it’s a real deal track it’s also one of the coolest to get around! Hopefully this isn’t to much of a scar on the reputation they established so far! Prayers for the family and friends of this racer💪 ... more »

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Cause when u win u get the extra point that comes with beating everybody!

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I think aldon bakers face and hands said all you need to know after the crash happened, it was a bonehead move where Pedrosa should have been covering Nicky, not pushing Nicky. They came into the round with Nicky being ahead in a very tight points chase ... more »

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Did someone hijack Gary semics account or did he really just write this about the guy who won last weekends opener? Something isn’t making sense, Gary did you watch the race Saturday or did you miss it? I don’t think Kenny needs to take any time off, ... more »

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Henry’s injuries were before my time, I never knew the extent of his recovery but pourcels was no joke and I cannot fathom the amount of mental strength he had to come back from being in a paralyzed state which he very very much was. To be a champion, ... more »

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Man that looks bad, probably scared the hec outta everyone. I tell u what moto guys react quick and I’m sure it helped him in that incident.

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I think it’s time he gets outta there and starts everything new. Time for a whole new chapter in his life, maybe even book. I see he’s very close to Kenny’s program, I wonder if those two could be that close as competitors or even say teammates. Either ... more »

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It makes no sense to me how JT is struggling, the gear holds up so well and is made with higher quality stuff. It’s not junk gear. I have gloves and pants I was notorious for wearing over and over in 2012 (I liked saving the new gear I got) and every ... more »