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Mike had a father run across a track one time at Lacr at a high speed single u jumped into whoops, guy didn’t make it and mike broke his collarbone. And one of his old gfs one time was hit and broke her femur while flagging. It happens more then u think. ... more »

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At 16 mike was racing a 450 and on the podium with Ricky Carmichael and Kevin windham in his second pro race, and started that days first Moto in a 3rd corner pile up back in 37th. A lot of time separates the twos career, we had Ricky, James, Chad reed ... more »

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Jeffrey do yourself the best favor you can and get that sub Taylor joint fused, I went threw the same pain and lived with it and tried racing from 06-2011 and eventually the entire joint collapsed, that entire time I would wake up not able to walk till ... more »

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Heels are a very harsh injury, even tho you get cleared you feel like your foot is trashed and can’t put much stress on it and that’s how it will feel until you get the subtailor joint fused. That’s how that injury works. So however he feels now is how ... more »

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Seriously what is going on with the team that controls this.. was no one receiving texts messages or any kind of info from anyone in the entire world? Maybe they just wanted to have it quiet for us which I loved.

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I had to ride a ‘B’ bike and fried it in 2 laps. Track was pretty nasty to so my arms fried a bit fast as well.

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Dude wth 😂😂 My guess is as good as the guy above who posted the picture 🤔

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Brutal. Never met the kid, never seen him ride but when he went down I went over to see what was going on at Elsinore that day to see the seriousness of the crash and knew from what I was seeing this was going to be rough. Rip carr.

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Chisholm just showed us all how good that bike is in the whoops. He looks like a completely different rider on that bike. Impressive. Not to mention he did the quad before the finish line!! I’ve only seen Webb as the only other guy doing it, I’m sure ... more »

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Brah. Nah.

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It’s not a fly helmet

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I saw that and really thought his night was over.

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... more »
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I think your missing the point, did he or did he not gain an advantage is not the argument. He didn’t technically do all the the laps, all the sections like everyone else did. Mistakes happen but you can’t miss sections in a race, as an example skip ... more »

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Not gonna lie, when I opened this and read it I couldn’t help thinking this was either a girl writing or a very feminine guy who doesn’t understand racing at all. Grow some or pick another sport.

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That corner before the triple is going to be an interesting one, how are they going to defend the position when it seems like you can’t do the triple from the inside? Check mate kind of corner. Couple guys went inside to size it up and no one pulled ... more »

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Hmm, pretty genius idea. Wish we had these for all those mud races throughout the years! If they have them for leatt im gonna have to get some.

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I’m pretty good friends with Theresa his wife, as is my gf. She wouldn’t be around mike unless he was sober, so I would assume he’s on the strait and narrow. He has a lot of talented kids training with him again and seems to be doing good again. I saw ... more »

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I was thinking the tunnel jump off the start would be sketchy for that reason. Track looks good tho 👌

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Shocking news, really puts into perspective how fragile things can be on this rock. That family looks really tight knit. As others said he very well could have been the next ktm rider to steam roll threw championships over seas, maybe even make it to ... more »