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Cade didn’t do anything to cause the change that happened, Sexton himself didn’t bring it up because he’s a real racer and learned from what happened in those two corners. Chase has a long career ahead of himself and he knows that and won’t get hung ... more »

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You mean resilience

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That does look sweet (love my single track) since this is a secret I will share you a secret, skit steers are $200 a day and will create a motivated guy like you dream land in less then 8 hours. If you have the drive and a vision there’s no limits🤘

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In my opinion max is actually quite the supercross rider, there was a day where he lead races and could win in the lites class. He was young but that makes it all the more important. I’m a big fan of the kid and would love to see him have a good race ... more »

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Well you saw how patient Kenny was with dean. Lost the race over it and still almost ran into him. Justin didn’t wait a second for Vince to know he was there. And no worry’s on the downvoters, they don’t even read what I write. Case in point v

... more »
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I have no idea if this is scripted prior to the event and if so then it is what it is, however you can be assured a guy like Daniel would read that script and cut out what’s wrong and make sure he doesn’t make himself look bad because it hurts his goal ... more »

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You can see how uncomfortable the guy is sitting in his own chair after every word he speaks. The guy simply doesn’t know anything about the sport. We need someone that actually has been there and watched the sport. I feel like I’m listening to someone’s ... more »

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I know you haven’t been doing supercross long but Vince wasn’t being lapped when him and pieck crashed at Anaheim. If your going to open your mouth live on tv make sure your facts are correct, that was for a final transfer spot in a semi and was the ... more »

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Ya it is, let’s hope things go better for the guys in the 250 class cause that was the first time in my career a red flag was thrown. Tho I have to say I probably never got to watch a 450 supercross main quite as good as that one was that night. Ricky ... more »

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I know this might be late but that’s either a picture of 2007 Orlando supercross or they made a replica of the second supercross I ever raced for Orlando 1. Which was RC’s last supercross race of his career. Also where I got my first top 10 (7th). alot ... more »

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Well I gotta say that rig looks great, good luck you got some stars under your tent💎 ⭐️

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Pretty sure I watched this rig pull on the freeway Tuesday from Clinton Keith when I was coming home from riding at Pala, pretty sure as in I honked and waved like a mad fanboy and made sure they saw the 801 in the back of my truck😂😂 good luck this weekend ... more »

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I can confirm this ^^😵🤫

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Can’t unsee that.

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Do these camera guys get paid to be awful at there job? Follow a guy around who just did a fast lap and is now rolling around, only to switch to another guy rolling around right as they start a fast lap! I mean come on man, you could be new to supercross ... more »

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Non of you understand what’s going on, alot of riders have gone out of there way to go and make sure they do get it! And this is because, once you have it, you do not have to take another test for a further 90 days. So a lot of riders either had it or ... more »

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It cost 3$ For Labrons name and 50¢ for the product, the rest goes to shipping. Under your inclusions.

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His music is getting pretty legit but we need the 722 on a bike for atleast a few more years. Cool to see him making it, and enjoying racing. Not many guys past the top 5 making what they are worth and enjoying the process.

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Prayers to you and your family, your son looks like one of the good Moto kids, RIP Moto brother.

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I clearly stated, I did not have that advantage or money from the start of me racing, which was 3, as we lived in an apartment, had stock bikes, and my dad worked in waste management. However, based on talent, and hard work, my brother and I became the ... more »