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No affiliation. Lots of other goodies up for grabs

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Saw something very similar a couple months ago right before dawn. Long string of at least 50 lights, going across the whole sky. All in a perfectly straight line, exact same speed, but there weren't spaced out evenly. It was very strange. I didn't get ... more »

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This i'll be ineresting (missing the first T )

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Possibly behind on a couple R8 payments?

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Love the vintage equipment. Here’s my pioneer system. All mid to late ‘70’s gear. I’ve been collecting, buying and selling for a few years now. Prices are getting pretty crazy lately. Not too many good deals out

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Haha I remember chic jeans. The 70’s were a wonderful time for a young teenage boy to grow up in. Lots of braless, tube top, nipple proud Women to creep over.

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Btw lumpy. Looks good. Enjoy

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You’re pretty close. I’m a concrete contractor. 5 bucks a square foot is accurate plus grading and any extras. Definitely not a diy project unless you want the finish to look like the average woop section at a super cross track.

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Instead of cussing out Wilson. I’m more pissed at peacock because I can’t rewind and make a decision for myself

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What a fantastic time in a young mans life. Go get em guys.

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I was a junior in high school when Van Halen 1 came out. “Game changer “ is such an over used cliche, but fuck they were. Rip goat

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Come on maaaan. Why would you fuck up a perfectly good wing with either one

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I have 33 gigs of Apple Music on my phone. Sound quality is pretty decent. I have never had much luck converting my cd’s. Sound always sucks for me. Probably something I’m doing wrong. At home it’s mostly vinyl on the turntable

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Years ago I was a sub-contractor on a large public works street improvement project in Anaheim Ca. The city decided to put out the blueprints only in metric with no English conversion. I was surprised how fast all of us uneducated dumb asses adjusted

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What brand ? Did it work fine before ?

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I guess I'm in the minority. I've owned an RV most of my adult life. Pull trailers, 5th wheels, class c motorhomes, even a couple slide in campers. Class A motorhomes are by far my favorite. Bought a '02 Pacearrow several years ago for $ 22,000, and

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Heading to Circleville , which is on the south end of the Paiute trail system. Taking the 4X4 atv's ( Gay jokes don't bother me

) Staying in a motel and taking a couple day trips. Usually we go with a bigger group in September and do a 300 ... more »
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That's our plan in the semi near future. In the meantime, heading to Utah in the morning with a couple buddies, I'll give a full report