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This is the best thread on vital. I have spinal problems and even though I stretch every day to maintain my back health I’m not doing enough and this is a wake up call.

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I love how sponsorladen all the riders are in Europe. They sure aren’t afraid to plaster big ass logos all over everything especially the riders gear. It’s loud and I’m a fan. Makes me wonder if there are things the Americans can learn from the euros ... more »

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I raced a 400 SXf at Loretta’s in 2002 at age 13. You’ll be fine. Good luck.

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KTM knows their stock jetting is terrible. The stock carbs are so unimpressive. I love my KTM but I also hope they feel threatened.

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People want to join the AMA? Must be an east coast thing.

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On Sunday I went riding by myself for the first time since 1995 (when I started). I saw a “poachable” little area under a bridge next to the Kaw. I couldn’t assemble anyone to ride with me and I had a new top end to break in before this weekend’s KMCS

... more »
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How about the boy from Topeka, KS all the way in Holland getting second behind Hsu!!!! So sick. Kevin is the man.

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I once did a pit bike buddy race with Gavyn Gracyk at Oak Hill. Other than that...

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I noticed he deleted the video. Wise decision.

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Yes. I was running my 150 at 24:1 with Motul 800 and she was a rocket and the crank didn’t need to be replaced at 30 hours. Did it anyway.

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I’m going to say this- and take it how you will.. but.. “Vloggers” that narrate while riding are asking to have wipeouts. There is no time to narrate or be thinking about what an audience will think as they watch this type of video.. while riding. As ... more »

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Did you hit a root yesterday Nick?

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Hi guys- If you purchased the 180 Image kit and want to put your name and number on the back of your jersey, I'd love to help you out with an indiscernible replica that will make all your buddies ask "Who do you know at Fox?" This is a specialty replica ... more »

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I want to have a team sponsored by a BBQ sauce company. That’s where my head is at right now.

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The tree huggers probably won’t think the radioactive exhaust is cute. Everything looks cool except that damn sticker.

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Why is this still being talked about?

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Missouri vintage has a 25 year plus class, that rolls forward every calendar year. They also have a 20 year class, which is kinda silly but I get it. In my opinion, a fence post design feature is CR style brake routing. This gives room for guys to do ... more »

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I and everyone else use Substance X3 for motocross decal vinyl and laminate. Graphics are like break pads. They wear out depending on how you ride. I design my own graphics, and my own graphics wear out in the same spot this guy is talking about. Guess ... more »