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You can always start a sub on Reddit. Of course nobody will join you though.

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I think Ricky Johnson won the heat and shit talked everyone for sandbagging.

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Funny, I prefer they do this because they are being 100% raw and honest- and also they don’t thank every aftermarket company that parts unlimited distributes.

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Moto on brother

... more »
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Barcia going 1-2. Following up that win with a second is championship caliber. He has biggest dick energy of anyone and yet he’s just so happy. Also- 4 mains, 4 winners.

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First bike at PJ1 in Topeka

Dads first KTM Red Bud 18 - 450 MX On the line with dad at Red Bud 18 ... more »
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For me, it’s heritage. I jotted my thoughts on a 19 YZ 450 in the “blue pig” topic after last weekend. I loved the bike and was very, very pleased to ride it. With that being said- it’s KTM for me. In the mid 00’s I raced what was free/who was paying ... more »

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Yesterday at my local track I rode my buddy's 2019 YZ 450. I've actually rode a handful of Yamaha 4 strokes, as other peoples equipment, and enjoyed them all. The bike is quite a bit larger, and does have a bit of a top heavy feeling while off the throttle- ... more »

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I got 45 points on my fantasy picks and I feel that’s a massive win given the results.

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If by some you mean tens of thousands yes

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The bike he was riding in his latest Instagram video is number 401. So either he’s got a number now or he’s borrowing Eric McCrummen’s equipment.

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I go to tracks because of the tracks. I don’t know about you guys, but if a facility is supreme and the track is bogus I’m going riding elsewhere. I want good soil, fun obstacles, and line choices. Doesn’t bother me if the pits aren’t mowed, there’s ... more »

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It will be showcased in whatever discipline of motorcycling he chooses.

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Easiest: the Alta Hardest: any Yamaha- because when you bring a screw driver to the bike from the bench you needed a T handle and when you brought a T handle you needed a screw driver. Honorable mention is KTM using 12mm nuts on the two stroke cylinder ... more »

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This is a years old thread.

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Over The Bars episode 64

Cheyenne is in Topeka this weekend racing the Hoosier AX round, and I live 30 minutes East which made a perfect podcast opportunity for the first ever rider to graduate from the original RC road to sx platform. The ... more »

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I’m still waiting on KTM’s E race bike.

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There are already Friday qualifiers. Why only 4 rounds? It’s a 12 round championship. Good luck getting am riders from the west coast to drive to Indiana for a 125 race. They already hardly do it for Loretta’s the single largest amateur race in the world. ... more »

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No wait I meant 2008