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I WANT TO GO RIDE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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OEM plastics are manufactured by the aftermarket companies. Most OEM plastics fit better than aftermarket because they'e been mounted on the bike and holding in place by bolts and in correct position vs stuffed in a bag then a box.

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I love the sound of CR’s. Just so classic.

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Maybe this question is blasphemy but.. do you ever start it and let that pipe and silencer bark?

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And has made it their house brand gear. I wore MSR in 03-05 and god damn was it high quality stuff, so I was sad to see Tucker fold the line. Here’s the jersey:

And the link

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I locked mine up with 8 hours on it but it was a simple piston seized in the cylinder- I got REAL lucky. KTM replaced the cylinder, piston, and gasket kit for $0. My thoughts? Vertex ain’t shit.

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Being mad about the most relevant song, and that song being an iconic rap song, by an iconic rapper.. Just further proves that the average mouthy motocross forum poster has no taste and can’t troll for shit. Also bet that you boomers weren’t Bubba fans ... more »

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This is an artists rendering not a photo of a physical object. Giveaways are the chain, shadowing in swing arm, and lack of fork guards. Anyway, the more boats in the pond the higher all vessels float. I welcome these bikes.

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This is the best thread on vital. I have spinal problems and even though I stretch every day to maintain my back health I’m not doing enough and this is a wake up call.

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I love how sponsorladen all the riders are in Europe. They sure aren’t afraid to plaster big ass logos all over everything especially the riders gear. It’s loud and I’m a fan. Makes me wonder if there are things the Americans can learn from the euros ... more »

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I raced a 400 SXf at Loretta’s in 2002 at age 13. You’ll be fine. Good luck.

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KTM knows their stock jetting is terrible. The stock carbs are so unimpressive. I love my KTM but I also hope they feel threatened.

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People want to join the AMA? Must be an east coast thing.

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On Sunday I went riding by myself for the first time since 1995 (when I started). I saw a “poachable” little area under a bridge next to the Kaw. I couldn’t assemble anyone to ride with me and I had a new top end to break in before this weekend’s KMCS

... more »
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How about the boy from Topeka, KS all the way in Holland getting second behind Hsu!!!! So sick. Kevin is the man.

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I once did a pit bike buddy race with Gavyn Gracyk at Oak Hill. Other than that...

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I noticed he deleted the video. Wise decision.

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Yes. I was running my 150 at 24:1 with Motul 800 and she was a rocket and the crank didn’t need to be replaced at 30 hours. Did it anyway.

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