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No sir- I’m going to South Carolina to do a brand consultation Friday, track launch promo day Saturday, then Muddy Creek Sunday for the Tennessee state pro am.

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There better be a billion pro riders there considering there’s NOTHING going on right now.

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From the aerial photos I’ve seen of the property, I could see it holding a national. I’ll report about it on my column on Swap next week. Look for it.

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Yes- I disassembled it a few times. Did further cleaning. There are two nylon washers and from the factory the sequence was twist knob, washer, spring, washer, mount. I changed mine to twist knob, both washers, spring, mount. I figured the spring doesn’t

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Link us to your eBay page please!

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Wild idea Quit talking about corona virus and the nationals, and go race your dirt bike this weekend at local races in your moto community. You guys can bitch in one hand, and shit in the other. I know which one fills up faster. Do you?

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Thank you. For anyone wondering: I knew practically the entire staff was off the job, that's why I came here... To see if any of my fellow riders had experienced issues/had a solve while the PT staff was off. Why some folks think that's a violation of ... more »

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So I bought a SELA a couple weeks ago and installed it on my 450. It’s been really good- except it started getting really hard to twist to engage after about 14 motos. I just disassembled the unit, cleaned everything out, put everything back together ... more »

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Oak Hill has the 4th of July cup Tennessee state championship Muddy Creek July 12th Midwest Extreme south of KC Missouri State Series July 18/19 double header 100% +$100 to top three Jeeps in Wichita KMCS 200% 250 A 450 A July 26th Oak Ridge Garwin, ... more »

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In the midwest, we always have split up groups. Yet still, the A/B practice is flooded with folks that do not race either of those classes. It sucks.

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I’m going to tell him you said that.

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Remember when this topic was at motorcycle racing?

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The facts: Per MX sports 125 is smoked. Two things I’ve heard from a few folks around the paddock: 1. No purse money. 2. 6 round series. Some manufacturers won’t participate. Would I take those to the bank? No. They aren’t stamped. But they’re seemingly fairly ... more »

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KTM doesn’t pull this shit.

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Today is his birthday. Started racing that cat in 1995 and have some lifetime memories with the guy. He's a 1 of 1 and proud to call him a friend.

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Hey guys, I’m looking for somewhere as the title states on July 12th. I’m going to Charleston for a consultation and promo shoot for a moto household name brand that was recently acquired, on the 10th and 11th of next month. Being that I love racing, ... more »

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I have one. It’s the talk of the starting gate when I roll into the pad already locked by myself. It’s a great product. Buy one. Don’t ask a million questions. Buy one. Install it. Go to the line by yourself and it all will make sense.

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I can and will. DM me on IG @rippinruts or email me I specialize in this kind of stuff.

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