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This is without a doubt the most unique motocross track in the states. I cannot wait to go.

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Never forget when Tomac couldn’t conduct the pre race interview and looked like Ricky Bobby after his first win at the last Red Bud. I’m a fan.

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For the record, I meant in general. I’ve seen Hymas race many times. Love that they go racing. I was speaking to Mike specifically on the new amateur paradigm of bypassing local races entirely to do a couple amateur nationals after training all year ... more »

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I’ve heard the KTM 350 engine is their number 1 selling 4 stroke engine. Not sure if it’s number 1 over the 300 two stroke? Either way.. their top two engines are “classless”. As for the other manufacturers- I don’t see it happening because the odds ... more »

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Mike the new path for pro racers is to never race. Which is great, because your guys and my guys can make a living doing local races and AX, while the children are struggling with setup. I wonder if the show is over and this is the permanent thing now? ... more »

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Pacific Crest can fix it.

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14/53 here also.

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I don’t see it being adopted by anyone in the industry. It’s just gonna be supercross and motocross then playoffs.

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I love that podium pic, shows how fun size Ryan and Peters are, and how jolly giant Park is.

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To those concerned with the price of the acreage.. it's not the value of the surface, it's what's underneath. Ball diamond red clay is hard to come by, it's a very specific type of soil. Guess what's under all that sand? Red gold.

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That’s a major not happening. 1. Very very very few people show up to the track with no numbers. If they do, they want to be no numbers guy. 2. Ink doesn’t dry automatically. It takes a long time to cure before you can laminate. 3. The cutter (and printer) ... more »

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This is awesome. The kid is an amazing dirt bike rider and will do well regardless of what discipline it is.

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Can we get overall results??

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I’ve heard there’s allegedly going to be a really, really big points fund. My team is committed to racing Hoosier AX, but I look forward to both series being healthy this upcoming winter.

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That was a good race. I'd like to think I could be pretty decent at this, but these racers are kick ass at riding those e scooters. Good athletes always make their sport look easy.

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If you get 20 A class riders racing in a field in middle of nowhere Kansas - I’m going. It will be a show. If you get 20 pro SX racers together inside a stadium, people will go. It will be a show. Tickets will be sold. Hot dogs ate. Beer drank. Hot girls ... more »

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Still, USA is the promise land. Love seeing the international talent here in America. It’s a privilege to see our series host some of the worlds best.

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Topics like this show how little most people understand about track prep.

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Why, does he want my autograph?

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I look forward to a stronger Fox than ever.