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East or west.. What timezone is St. Louis in? Not pacific, not even mountain. St. Louis is nowhere near the west, the timezone should make that pretty self explanatory.

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Podium speech, Adam said something about thinking Barcia was going to kill him. LOL. But Barcia backed off at the last second.. Maybe Barcia has learned restraint? Might get him through the season!

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Might be just you and I, but I agree. I am likely not sitting there listening waiting for him to screw up, I probably hear what I want to hear which is a guy that keeps the show moving, and has an amazing talent to add excitement and raise the volume ... more »

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Yeah.. yeah.. Whatever local boy

Seriously though, it makes me wonder if the younger generation has a completely different perspective (if any) of Compton than folks who got all of their info about Compton from Easy-E, Ice-T, and Ice Cube, ... more »
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This thread delivers... Anybody who is over 40 and didn't grow up in SOCAL, can't get past the same damn thing I can't either.... haha. Easy to forget this was nearly 30 years ago:

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I know the field is stacked. However, it seemed like quite a few of the riders were in survival mode. It will be interesting to see if there is any new intensity come this weekend. Barcia and Webb really seemed to be on fire all things considered. I ... more »

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Awesome deal.. Thanks for sharing!!

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May be unpopular opinion, but I loved the triple crowns.

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Seeing the TM flopping down the hill brought tears to my eyes. He has to have more money than brains.

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I broke my femur, vertically (knee up). That was the one bone break that convinced me to "grow up" and realize I needed to start thinking about a career. The screws in my knee from that one came back to haunt me 18 years later, the screw heads in the ... more »

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Can't believe how much visors and stickers are mentioned here, but no mention about elbows down. That is clue #1.

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OK, I will bite.. LOL. I watched a tid-bit of the racing last night, which didn't have audio (not that I would be able to understand the language). Anyway, a few shots DV2 looked pissed... What did I miss? At first I thought he was pissed at a flagger ... more »

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I started watching the NASCAR Truck series races when Ricky spent his few years there, it was fun to see him progress and watch his aggression. I can't be an anomaly.. And I agree, if Reed has fun racing cars, he has exhausted his entire youth and early

... more »
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Not sure about the title in this thread. Did we already forget who won the SX title this year?

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I have read two threads of Vital tonight. Both have loads of comments that rival Instragam on a bad day. This thread is no exception. I was dumb before, I am more stupider now. Note to self, stay off Vital until January.

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Danny, you are always on it supporting your local racers

It is awesome he got a shot like this, I can't wait to see his results!
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Macy's closed a couple of months ago, it will be yet another skyward apartment complex in Redmond (we got a few of them now huh? LOL) I work at the AT&T corporate buildings kitty corner in the parking lot to the Ducati / Alta, etc. dealer (here 22

... more »
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I can't wait to see how he does on a 450. Remember how he did last year at the MXoN on a 250? Side note, KTM moving Prado to the 450 class at this point, destroys years of conspiracy theories of why KTM left Herlings on the 250 as long as they did.

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.. Or, Stankdog was right