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I always thought those rules were mainly to insure that everyone is fast enough to be there and prevent someone who is 12 sec a lap slower than everyone from getting in..Like the dude on the Kawi that was somehow grandfathered in and used to go out in ... more »

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Set up plays a huge part..basic ergonomics watch some of Ryno’s videos stuff like neutral wrist position and lever hieght can have a major impact..the way you think you like your bike may be causing most of the problem pay attention to your body position ... more »

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2021 KTM 450sxf= 10hr 2017 KTM 250sx= 62 hr put 300 kit in at 42 hr

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Yeah I thought what Weege said was "riding at Stewart compound" didn't necessarily say working with??

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I have a g2500 extended with similar set up and can put 3 bikes (no center box) just put the middle bike in backwards also the reason you turn the bars is so they dont hit the side of the van if you want to put the wheel straight you would have to put ... more »

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Broke my distal radius no pins tried to ride at 5 weeks and it wasn’t fun..was at least 8 weeks out before I started to hit everything then the carpel tunnel came but that is another story..if you want to just roll around might be ok but to be competitive ... more »

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We just set a record for # of days (35) above 110 degrees... hope they like to get up early!! It is starting to cool down only supposed to 105 next week

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Is a lug change required to install RV control? or is it just a swap with stock inner chamber assembly?

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Common problem they get water in them and stop working. Do a search lots of threads about this

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Backyard Design does custom wraps

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Local dealer already has a few Husky's and I think a some of the 21' KTM 2 strokes might be available.. Not sure about the other big bike release dates??

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The leap before they moved it over for des nations..Ricky goin

... more »
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Doesn't sound like it I have asked a few times but the general consensus is it will not be a new model next year

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I run 70-75psi depending on track also seems like it has been increasing over time either im getting heavier or its breaking in. here is a review I found

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Its the Neken SFS air clamp adds a little more suspension for my bad wrist..Similar to running something like flex bars I think they have 10mm of travel and can be adjusted by air pressure

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2017 250sx with Ohlins suspension its been a great bike! Put the 300 kit on it at 40hr and top end looked pretty good its got almost 60hr on it now and I was planning on full rebuid at 80hr. I have a 450 also so split the time between the 2 bikes and

... more »
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Picture I've had under the glass on my work bench for years..1990 L.A. Colosseum he was going big off the triple in practice
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Mike Goodwin and Micky Thompson...2 people murdered and a man in prison for the rest of his life

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All tracks in AZ are still open...Business as usual here just no racing going on

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Kevin Windham to Yamaha ended up at Honda for less money cause management pissed him off just read the little story about it on MXA site a few day ago