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Would be good to know if anything is seriously damaged?.. If not then be aggressive in your home care...Ice, Heat, massage, stretching as pain allows ribs are weird just might take some time.

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Cole Seely on a 250????

Added reply in a thread Haiden Deegan Unadilla? 7/27/2022 9:57 AM

Zack bell?? If I remember right he had the fastest lap of the week at LL when he was still racing "B" class for Gieco

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I was running a Vortex x10 on my 21' KTM 450 sxf and had a few times were the bike would bog and die almost like a flame out or felt like being out of gas (never happened on jump faces) I would stop and restart and it ran fine only happened maybe 2 or ... more »

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Traffic/parking on the way in was a nightmare!!! not complaining but also thought it was strange that we walked right in without showing tickets or being checked for anything..went back to the truck between motos and filled our cooler with beer no one ... more »

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Only 3 tracks in Phoenix area.. Arizona Cycle park (ACP) in Buckeye is best.. Canyon raceway in Peoria and Motoland down south in Casa Grande.. Plan on getting up early its HOT here in Aug.

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So if he comes out and wins 8 races and the title next year does he still go to Star in 24' ?????

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If you end up getting surgery have them do the carpel tunel release while they are in there.. My wrist healed well but once I started riding again had issues with my hand going numb was told it is common due to pressure around the nerves

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One of the local AZ tracks uses a ton of mulch/hay they just spread it over hard pack and rocks= track prep

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Forks, Front wheel, rear wheel (have to change dust seals) I think triple clamps will work but would have to use old style fender and number plate ( at least on FE) and thats about it other than maybe some small stuff like throttle tube

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If you want to use the older rear wheel on the new bike all you need to do is replace the dust seals (same ones as front wheel) then the new wheel spacers will fit in old wheel and you can run them on bike

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Took us about 3 hr to get from track back to the 15 last year

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I raced R to M 50+ and 40+ and there was 2 of the ktm fe on my gate also the guy parked next to us had a husky RS with after market graphics so not sure your statement is accurate …what does that tell you

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So Prado won last weekend.. Marv won last night..Just saying

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Can anyone confirm that the old rear wheel will fit with diff spacers? I tried a wheel off of my 21 with the new spacers but hub seems too wide? do I need to remove dust seals also? any info would be appreciated!!! thanks

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Rode the KTM 450 FE all weekend here is a quick 1st impression... Bike feels maybe a little bigger (My previous bike is Mod '21 450 sxf) it takes a little more effort to initiate turn in but once in the corner it tracks really good and feels planted. ... more »

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Christian Craig

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Picked mine up last night its wild how much stuff is different gonna get first ride tomorrow to see how it feels.. Special thanks to Austin @ AEO powersports in Mesa, AZ!!!!!

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I would do $600 shipped paypal friends and family to or if you have any questions you can email the same

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Have a complete set with bar mounts off of 2021 450 sxf less than 2 hrs on them if interested