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You can, but our sport has some limiting factors (mostly limited adoption of technology, no sanctioning body with any backbone/knowledge at the local level to enforce anything) that would make it unfeasible without major change. When local races are ... more »

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I couldn't resist. Figured that new custom box blew the tool budget this year! Although I must admit even I was seduced by The General. I still stand by my opinion of their low-end hex keys, screwdrivers, and wrenches fitting like shit. Their ICON is

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Noticed this in ML's latest pit bits - you know things are lean when the factory team's boxes are filled with Harbor Freight. Pittsburg wrenches and risking it with the Quinn hex keys and plastic ratchets. Wonder Ian has an inside track card? lol

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Next up: put the mechanical water pump back in and overdrive the electric one for a hydraulic hybrid torque boost

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I remember that, I was probably 15 years old and was CONVINCED McGrath was going to make a comeback! All my friends came over to try and stream that race from on the family PC's 17" CRT monitor lol. I think the player was like a 3"x5" QuickTime ... more »

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I have this on DVD lol. It's a 3-disk box set with MC hosting the SX disk, Pastrana hosting MX (or supermoto maybe?) and Leblanc hosting woods/enduro. I remember there being some clips of Leblanc riding and doing some hill climbs or something. The 2000s ... more »

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It's not the same style, but I bought a few prints from Tim Glasspool that I really like. Kind of a vintage art deco style. He does some of the art for We Went Fast (who also has some cool prints). I had a shipping issue with Tim's prints but he made ... more »

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Almost. Rebound won't endo you, but if you hit a kicker while bottomed the chassis has to absorb it. Front wheel already off the ground so the bike rotates about it's center of mass. The shock bottomed on the face before the kicker. Since there was no ... more »

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The best I've found is to use the fb3 motorsports+ app on the watch and sync Garmin Connect to Strava. This automatically logs the activity as "motocross" in Connect, and a "workout" in Strava. Then I just set my segment time in Strava and let that calculate ... more »

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Looks familiar. Is that Wink's Honda?

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I forced myself to listen to an hour and a half before I threw the towel in. It doesn't get any better and he doesn't make any sense. I think Johnny Hopper and Superfan Dylan would get along well...

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Hey, even our "modern" EFI 4-strokes are working with barely-better-than 80's technology. The probable reason why you don't see TPS on 125s is because the engine isn't powerful enough to really warrant the work spent tuning in the mid-low loads, since ... more »

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Different strokes for different folks. I race a 450 and am way faster on the bike, but at almost 230 lbs I still love me some 125 action. Totally different riding style and it forces you to really charge corners hard and maintain your speed. The 450 ... more »

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TPS, power jet, and CDI work together. The old spark advance was just based off one variable - RPM, essentially giving you a spark curve (think of an old school V8 with a distributor with weights and springs). You can make this work well for one load ... more »

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Leave it to MXA to develop the stupidest way to chart power I've ever seen. What a mess to read lol.

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No issues here. Helmet is comfortable on me, but feels like I have a watermelon on my head

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Just a heads up for people looking at this tool. It doesn't work on the latest gen Showa 49 mm forks on the 18+ RMZ, 17+ CRF, and 19+ KX 450s because of the fork cap design. The cap has a raised portion for the bleeder screw that prevents the flat head ... more »

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I'm a little late, but I grew up in Dutchess County riding D34 and MSC stuff. Now I'm out in central NY. One of the best parts about moving to a new area is checking out all the new tracks! This was a google map list I made a while ago of all the tracks

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Are those WCL or FCP engine mounts?

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Also - totally off topic, but I'm feeling nostalgic looking through my pics from this trip. Their dealerships are way cooler than ours! It was like a grocery store of motorcycle parts instead of everything hidden behind the counter or having to be ordered

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