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I thought Deano had a solid night, imo if Marv has a mechanical at any of the sx rounds to come, its not out of the question he may just find the top step. Jett Reynolds definitely got a few more twitter followers over the weekend as well, kid rips! ... more »

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Jay Cee

Awesome read!

Got a feeling we'll be hearing llllots more on the nets come Monday.. Haha.

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I CAN NOT BELIEVE YOU PEOPLE! How is everyone playing the snoozfest card? What races were you all watching??!? New grates behind the gate, Bogle going down with the red flag, Tickle on debut, Eli aaand Gajser cartwheeled the shit outta themselves.. And

... more »
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Dominant showing for sure.. What a night of racing!

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Made my day today four time! So stoked to hear what you thought of the Alta. Man that Keefer's a good guy

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This team wants to be there. Go Merika'!

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James dontlose the #7? Why? He didn't a race in 2017 season.

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What's up with the corner speed.. Zero flow. Makes me think back to how good Wacko was through rutted corners (and everything else) this year..

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Threads like this make me happy to be Australian, have nothing but good things to say about all my hospital time. Three separate surgeries over 15 yrs odd, never saw a single bill. Beaches aren't bad either!

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Jay Cee

Worked for Deano right?

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Starcross 5 (med).. Get around it.

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Worst news... So sorry for the guy, the stars were just starting to go his way. Heal up quick Jake! All the best.

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The sooner the better!

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Mathilde is a class act.. Buuut, if every gf is this close we'd really have a problem! I think she needs to keep her support a little further back from the race line. Still like her though.

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Shame so many top guys are missing out on this weekend, definitely a highlight of the season!

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Rough week for sure! it seems as soon as I've read the injury reports, they become outdated! Was it an unusually warm/humid week for you guys? Seems as good a place as any to begin to unravel this laundry list of midweek injury..

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He gained an advantage.. Close the book on this one!

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Ouch.. What's up with these janky welds? I'd seen this photo maybe 20 times today, hadn't noticed it up until this thread. Can someone please tell me how this panned out?

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What's Folkner's contract look like? Multi?