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Don't know how nbc was able to fuck the app up for int viewers it worked fine last year. But i got it to work through the hola extension in firefox

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I'm not sure about this but maybe the age and experience holds him back a litlle. Like if you want to be at the front in the 250 class you have to go balls out to compensate with the power of the bike to go to that next level. I'm not saying he is not ... more »

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If its a mudder Roczen gets the holeshot and wins stamp it!

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I think its kinda bs that they dont use the nets now just because there is no crowd. The nets have saved some guys from a bad crash. Awesome to see some big bowl turns again though!

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I'd probally go over the pond again for a national or mxgp if Herlings is out there racing. But i was thinking a while back the best trip would be MXON at patagonia argentina i'd be all over that!

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Man i laughed so hard even Matthes lost it people at work looked at me like what are you on about. I was so bummed when he called in the fourth time and they didn't bring him on again. Maybe they should do a show where Hammy, Eli Tomac superfan Dylan ... more »

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Fuck we where parked on the grassy hill at redbud with 2 rear wheeldrive ford vans we where pushing trying to get them uphill till dark. We got one up the hill but once we started pushing the second the hill looked like the black sand section on the ... more »

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Im more interested in the fact if its easier to spread 2% isnt much but lets say millions of people get sick at that time 2% is alot of people....

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I thought it was great for a triple crown normally the advantage falls to one side jumpers/skimmers. 1st main skimming was fastest 2nd main you could go either way last main jumping was faster. Man how fast was Roczen through the whoops that first main ... more »

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Take them all out maybe there is one without the pointy ends on both sides and you have to put the one with out the pointy ends in last.

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I've noticed during the track work before the mains the fix jumps and turns but the dont touch the whoops. Im not trying to talk into the Decoster conspiracy, although Chad Reed mentioned on the pulpmx show never ever did the track workers listen so ... more »

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Well atleast Barcia and also Mosiman are fighting for a position some guys are not even trying to guard the inside on a corner letting guys by. Barcia and Mosiman are not really helping themselves with it sometimes because they take it a little to far ... more »

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People are not booing him because he's french or the passes he made the last 2 rounds they just don't like the guy after what he did at A2. I wouldn't go as far as booing him every round but hey every person can decide that for their own. Also he didn't ... more »

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He has to get sick of this at some point i'd think a test rider position like Canard could fit him really well.

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Fun fact!: Ralph likes to talk about mr fun fact mosiman having alot of fun facts while the race is going on. Fun fact did you know..... blablablabla fuck me just call the fucking race and focus on the red honda's and green kawaski's for crying out loud ... more »

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Correct, thats why you kinda have to pick one at triple crowns. I think i'm going Craig and Roczen.

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After looking at the race again the crash with Craig was stupid but that happens in racing sometime but there is no excuse what happend with Jett. He is running it in while Jett was already comitted to triple in to the rhythm section before the triple. ... more »

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How does Reed look? Hope he gets top 15 qualifying so he has a decent gate pick because the heats and lcq are going to be fucking stacked.

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Terrible camera angles how did they not pre run those shots jesus christ

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I was just joking but they could easily do it just a ktm team with gasgas as their biggest sponsor. Because that gasgas is basically gonna be a ktm with small changes...