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What was his overall result at Unadilla again? Does the DesNations have one or two motos?

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If anybody is going from AZ or CA to the Washington Worcs rounds and has room for an extra bike I would be interested in discussing an arrangement. If leaving from CA I could leave my bike with you after the Cahuilla Creek round. Please contact me at ... more »

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Just returned from Phoenix and the incident was primarily Stewarts fault. Both riders were riding mid-pack and they ran up on two riders in front of them. Stewart tried to dive under those two and ran into Reed. However, Reed was cutting the corner pretty ... more »

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Reveal his secret texts from Tiger.

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I'm looking for a hub as stated above. Stock or aftermarket would be sufficient. Contact me at if you've got one for sale. Thanks

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Go to and check out his margin of victory at Glen Helen last weekend and the competition. Keep in mind that this is also a two hour race. Top rated Vets usually don't quit the circuit because they slow down, It's usually because the abuse ... more »

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How long was John Dowd away? "Being away" really hurt him last weekend and let those "competitive" guys show him what's up didn't it...

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I don't believe this will work. Remember the bars move. Anything mounted rigidly to the triple clamp and the bar end will restrict the movement and ultimately break. Cycra makes Flexx specific Guards that mount to the pivot point. They work great and ... more »