It's been a while since I've done an article or written anything about the motocross scene and of course right when I decide to come back, we get to deal with this corona virus stuff. But, I'm not trying to talk about the bad, let's talk about a new track in North West Florida.

Owner and operator of MX191 Josh Neptune

I decided to take a trip down to Florida for Daytona supercross(little did I know that was going to be my last supercross of the year). It started with me just hopping in my Audi and making the 16 hour trip down to Kyler and Anthony's house to go to Daytona beach for supercross. Anthony said to bring my gear and I could just ride his bike, that there was this sweet track called MX191. At first I was all about that. Then I thought, maybe I can fit my bike into my car and ride that. After some measuring, I figured it to be possible. So, we made it happen. I loaded my bike and took the 16 hour trip. Let me tell you, it was well worth it. 

Let's talk about MX191. Right when I got there it was instantly great hospitality. Josh the owner is super friendly and you can tell cares immensely about the motocross world.


8115 Munson Hwy

Milton Florida

Owner: Josh Neptune


Wednesday: noon till dusk

Saturday: 9 to 4

Sunday: 9 to 4

Dirt: 10/10

Josh has the absolute perfect mixture of clay and sand, enough sand to keep the corners rough and enough clay to not leave dangerous ruts up faces of jumps.

Track Prep: 10/10

With a full electronic watering system, they are able to water parts of the track while people are riding allowing the moisture to always stay in the track, since the track is mainly sand, in my opinion, the more moisture the better. He keeps the track pretty rough, it has a nice Midwest feel to it. Being from the Midwest I feel he gets it.


Track Layout: 8/10

The track flows perfect. All the jumps are safe for everyone to ride. You can case anything and ride away. The Florida sand is super challenging. Not much of elevation changes but, I cannot put the blame on him for that because it's the area. For what he has to work with, he made a near perfect track. I feel a solid roller section would make it a perfect 10/10 because let's be real, you think sand, you think rollers.

Nick Miller charging

Pits: 8/10

Again as a new track, I'm sure new ideas are going to come about. The pits are a large enough area. A few more garbage cans through the pits would be sweet. Helps with clean up. I've learned that tracks that have garbage cans around makes the riders actually throw things away. The watering system helps keep the dust down in the pits and there are plenty of trees so you can part in the shade almost anywhere. 

Jason Friberg

Family friendly: 7/10

Like I said before, the track is safe for everyone but challenging for the A rider. They do also have a solid kids track. In that aspect it's super family friendly. They do not have trails, in my opinion, I'm good with that. Their track is good enough to not need trails but, it pulls away from dad and son wanting to ride some trails and do not feel comfortable on a track or, some UTV families looking for a fun filled weekend.


Hospitality: 10/10

Josh is super friendly. You can tell he is in it for the sport. The whole time we was walking around talking with the riders. He really makes you feel welcomed at his track. He does everything to make the day better.

Cost: 10/10

$20 a rider 

$50 for the family. 

That's super reasonable saying a lot of tracks are up to $35 now.

Overall: 9/10 

I get it. That's a super high rating. Near perfect. But go there, you'll get it. If half the sand tracks did what he did with the mixture of the soil, their tracks would be awesome. I didn't expect it to be what it was, I haven't been impressed with many tracks south. In the Midwest we are very fortunate with the tracks that we have. I feel the motocross scene isn't as big in this area of Florida. But Josh sure does put the time into making a super fun and challenging track. He pours his heart into what he has and that matters most. The passion he has is something track owners should take note on.

If you get a chance, make the trip. You wont be disappointed. You also aren't to far from monster mountain. About 3 hours to be exact. You can enjoy a pretty rad weekend at two awesome tracks.

Anthony Lewandowski flowing

We were also able to catch up with Josh on his future and other goals here at MX191. 

Hey Josh, tell me a little bit about yourself.

I'm 46 yrs old, married, and have one daughter, 22 yrs old. I've been self employed for 25 yrs, outside of the moto industry, but have been super involved in the sport by providing riders a place to ride and train, as well as sponsoring young amateur racers.  

Being from the Midwest, what made you decide Florida 

We picked Florida based on climate. This area of Florida  due to a void that needed filled. We noticed limited riding opportunities in this region, and a dying industry because of that. 

What are your goals for 2020 and beyond?

Our goals for 2020 are to meet county requirements for opening to public first and foremost. To listen to our riders wants and needs as we move forward. Most importantly, though, to provide families with a great place to enjoy time together, without the tension of some of the more well known facilities. We measure success through smiles under the helmet. 

How long have you been riding for?

I've been riding for 40 yrs 

What is some advice you could give someone looking to start their own track someday?

My advice would be to pick an area that needs riding opportunities. Purchase land to limit the here today, gone tomorrow trend of leased tracks. Don't enter the industry unless you intend to give back. We have more than enough self serving individuals and companies occupying moto space.  Check local zoning requirements to make sure a track is feasible in a specific area. Prepare for a lot of work, and red tape to deal with, but know that it's all worth it to give today's kids the same riding opportunities  we had growing up.

Is there anyone you'd like to thank?

I would like to thank my wife Joy, for giving up everything and taking on this challenge with me. My daughter Makala, and son in law Cody for doing the same. My parents for raising a doer. All of the families that have supported us through this adventure. Special thanks to the Buell, Laubach, and Strengrh families. Pratt's Motorsports, Bob Riker Irrigation, R&R suspension, Baybridge Insurance, Thompson Cat, Beard Equipment , Backyard Designs, Faith Racers, Caldwell Home Builders, I know I'm forgetting someone. 

Kyler Hyde taking the fast way around the berm

All photos by Jason Friberg and Anthony Lewandowski 

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