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It’ll be a great show and Steve needed a vacation. Hope you’re ok with that… 😂

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Great bike

Started new thread Where were all the Star amateur kids at RCSX Daytona???? 3/8/2022 6:15 PM

No one went??? Strange for the team being based in Florida right? I watched a lot of it. Didn’t see any star riders, but I could be wrong.

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Maybe, but my local shop can’t keep bikes in stock so who knows anymore. 🤷🏻‍♂️.

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🤷🏻‍♂️ Man I thought I priced it pretty low for a quick sale. Hahaha. Still have this mint kx450 if anyone is looking. Save the time greasing a new bike, this one is already greased for you and ready to go.

Started new thread 2020 kx450 mint 2/22/2022 2:09 PM

2020 kx450 under 10 hours on bike. Bought new spring of 2021 and didn’t ride it much. Must see. $7200 located near Youngstown Ohio. All stock. Comes with complete set of new plastic in showroom condition that was taken off when purchased. Mint bike.

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Thanks, already an AMA member, is it better to pre register online? Also, do you take the bike with transponder through tech or just the helmet?

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Looking for some tips for 1st GNCC Sign up info Tech inspection Arrival time Anything else you can think of. Thanks. Racing Sunday AM

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I know his personal yz125 sounds like a factory 125. His 4 stroke motors fly too. I’d recommend.

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My red one is quickly becoming my favorite bike. EX250F

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You nailed it! 😂 That bike only won like 1 supercross race in 10 years right???? It’s trash haha

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Man I love Stank and love Pulp. Stank could have thought of a million ways to get the most out of this opportunity and he chose to bash people, who didn’t really even say anything that bad about him. 👎 stupid move

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Why did he think a Yamaha would be a better fit for supercross???? I think barcia is the only Yamaha 450 SX winner in the last 10 years right? I’m probably wrong but it sure seems that long.

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Yes an update would be nice. Praying for the kid. 🙏

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Crazy isn’t it??? 😂 I think he’s paid to have them in shape physically.

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“Look what Aldon did for Webb” ????? I thought Webb won a ton of races and a championship before Aldon. You can’t get a champion to come to your program and take credit for making them a champion again. Can you? Guess so.

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I think the Kawi is pretty good. It’s good enough for the fastest lap time indoors and out almost every weekend. I don’t think it’s a bike issue.

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This Aldon thing seems to come up every year. Personally I think he has no business giving riders riding advice as he’s never rode a dirtbike. That seems odd coming from him. Also the guys that won championships with him, most of them had a previous ... more »

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Ready for the Ohio winter. Got a deal on a complete set of wheels with studs mounted up ready to go! (Need to change the orange sprocket) 5 hours on this 2022 and I can’t wait to ride today! It’s currently 10 degrees. 🥶 😂

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They were off the bike for press day???? Maybe it’s just for the night show. 🤷🏻‍♂️ I like them!