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When you add in the mileage they charge it comes closer to $80+. With gas for the truck, bike, and entry fee to ride you're talking about over $150 for a day of practice, which isn't practical for me if I want to ride more than once a month. The track ... more »

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I’ve been out of the moto scene for a long time and don’t know a lot of people up here that ride yet. I was given a bike a few months ago but haven’t been able to work a truck in to the budget yet, so I’ve only been out once so far this year to Mountain ... more »

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First real day back on the bike in about 8 years. Big brother wasn't riding this bike anymore, so it ended up in the backseat of my Hyundai on Christmas and made it's way back home with me.
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Bethesda is the developer on this one. A lot of people online are thinking it'll be based around a settlement-building kind of deal as opposed to the last game. This one is apparently set way before the other ones as far as time after the bombs dropped, ... more »

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I rode with CTI's after my 1st ACL surgery on the right knee, and they felt great to ride in. They didn't prevent the 2nd ACL tear in the same knee, but there wasn't much they could do when my leg went sideways under someones bike. I stretched my left ... more »

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Here's a pretty good but lengthy write up from IGN after playing the game for a bit. Seems like there will be a lot to do that will keep you busy throughout the story.

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I'm going to have to finish my play-through of the first one now. Picked it up a few months ago but haven't popped it back in since February. This is going to be a good one. The graphics look way better and player animation seems to be a lot smoother ... more »

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Still haven't cleared one area yet, I've been spending too much time on stupid side missions and prepper stashes. A good gun to pick up once you kill someone that has it is the first LMG you can see when you're at a store. That thing takes out pretty ... more »

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There was a review I read today about picking up some specialist that uses a sniper on the western part of the map if I remember right. Apparently whoever it is can take out animals quicker than the actual player can. I remember shooting a deer last ... more »

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Downloaded the digital version and started playing right at 9 on Monday night. I played Primal a little bit, but didn't get very close to beating the game. Some of the mechanics are similar, like the buddy system(though it was animals in Primal), and ... more »

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I'm with you guys on the 2 stroke sounds. Especially the 125. I tried watching a stream last night with an online race full of 125s and my ears started bleeding. It's a pretty rad game though. I like the feeling when you can throw a perfect whip, its ... more »

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Simple answer, yes. If a cop has reason to suspect you're impaired and its a serious accident you'll likely be required to submit to blood testing. You could very well fight it in court and possibly win, but it is still considered a 'mind altering substance', ... more »

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For you guys struggling with starts on manual shift, the bike WILL shift in to first gear before the gate drops. You can shift it clear to 5th if you wanted before the gate even drops. I employed the same tactic on MXGP3. Hold the clutch and front brake ... more »

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Saw those ones above me a few days after I got my Turtle Beach set. Probably would've went with the Amazon ones had I done some more snooping online. The Turtle Beach Recon 50X is a good budget set in my opinion. It's what I currently play with and is ... more »

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Just peeked outside to take a quick look. Pretty cool watching it slowly move across the sun if you stare at it for a few minutes or so. Another 45 minutes and it'll be completely covered.

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Decided to leave town yesterday half hoping the eclipse travelers wouldn't be hiking through the Oregon wilderness. Ended up spending 3 hours trying not to ninja kick almost every person I passed, but it was worth it.

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I've only had 'em from a few places so far, but the Kentucky Mule is my guilty pleasure. Mixed with the right Ginger beer and whiskey with a little lime sprinkled on top and its heaven for me. (stole the picture from Google)

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This is why I just sell the parts and don't touch the tools haha. Let's hope you never come across a newer BMW that has some electrical issues.
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Not one to usually share pictures of food, but this shit was too delicious.

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