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Side note: Be careful searching the internet with the words "trans" and "stripped".

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350 FC 2019 - KYB Factory
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Yeah i guarentee chest protector sales spiked today.

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I've recently been going back and forth trying to decide whether I should get a stiffer shock spring. After reading your "#2" i decided to do it. And holy shit I couldnt believe the difference just having the bike sprung right can do to cornering speed/confidence. ... more »

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Simply put, how much power my bike has is none of your d*mn business

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Look closer at all these old adds and notice how much these old gloves cost.

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To anybody reading this comment: Either this makes perfect sense to you or it doesn't. There is no in between.

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I love Anderson's post on it on Instagram "I started it JB finished it. No hard feelings and looking forward to good racing"

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Did you pay through pay pal? One time i had an issue and i noticed their was an email attached to their paypal that was different. Check your paypal email confirmation and see if they have a contact on there.

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And their bikes a beautiful.

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I'm not gonna pretend like I read every comment under this subject so i apologize if I'm repeating something. THIS IS GOOD FOR THE SPORT!!! This sport needs disparity. We need to stop trying to alienate anyone with a difference of opinion and tell them ... more »

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Does it have a title? In my experience when the owner gets the year wrong or knows very little about the bike, they typically don't have a title.

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How do these "average riders" (obviously total badasses, average compared to other pros) pay their bills?

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Yeah Vital posted some nice big detail shots of the bike just now and i couldn't help but notice some massive beads all around the main seam. Wonder if this has to do with them customizing the frames for the GP riders preferences. Is that a thing?

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I noticed in a picture somewhere that there is a big hole in the front number late, directly above the front fender.. Kinda wondering if there's not something fancy going on with these intakes.

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Now lets play a game I like to call "What Makes It To Production?"

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I can't help but feel part of Dylan Ferrandis' issue is his English. He says "Obviously it was not my intention for us both to crash, but it was just a racing incident." that sounds like he only meant for CC to crash. But i believe he meant he didn't mean for EITHER of them to crash. Or maybe not.

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With all the drama i totally forgot about the split lane!! I couldnt believe how well it worked. I still can't tell you which one was faster!

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Other riders do not ride with that kind of aggression not because they are scared but because they know that actions have repercussions/penalties. The million dollar question is the next time someone rides like this, will it be penalized? The real problem ... more »

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I get it. He was riding "overly aggressive" and made a horrible decision. But they still gave him the win. So whats to stop everyone from using another rider as a back board every time they need a position. Who benefited from their move more? Forker ... more »