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Can't wait to get there, been working my arse off this year setting up a business and this will be my reward. Been to Assen before, are we in the same fan zones as a normal GP? I was hoping they would open up parts considering the occasion but I can

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mark the track, clean the jumps and turns at the start of the day and let nature and the 4 stroke do the rest stop grooming FFS

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anybody who collects a title or even a heat win has had to earn it and deserves respect whether you think you know them enough to dislike them or not, that is the way i see it.

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wow people booed him?

sounds like CP377 all over again, MOTO fans eh? i'd rather not be associated with something that low.
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i don't think making a mistake is cracking under pressure, you ride? you live a life? shit happens.

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who knows what he would start with but @ the end of the season it would be #1

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i don't think any 'gp fan boys' were thinking that imo TC will shine more outdoors, when was the last time he rode SX if ever? I have never seen him do a single event in his 5 or so years over here he will figure SX out i am sure, until then you can

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fox stuff is on the money imo - i have 1 particular pair of fox trousers (in my profile pic actually) i bought for DH racing about 2013 and they are still going somehow, still waterproof-ish and no tears even after being hammered on DH and ktm. i will ... more »

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pretty much everything is made in the east for one obvious reason it does not mean it is low quality or has less QA than something made here also, some nasty far east country? wtf does that even mean? Honest question: are you in any way involved in manufacturing ... more »

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good luck, keep us informed, trouser price but also quality is important, i've had some bad stuff like many and i will never but ONE again for example, way too flimsy down stairs, they make lovely tops and gloves mind. your style looks nice , be happy ... more »

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yeah good summary, wicked season so far imo just look at the points, says it all really and we cannot ask for more (apart from mook not being here) - i do wish Ken would pull the trigger and it's almost frustrating at times to watch BUT we have to remember ... more »

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they count laps for a reason

and his result is nothing to do with who he is
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NO CHANCE popular tracks are 100-150 a day easy, pick a Sunday -apex turns people away by 10am quite often i can travel to a weekday event at apex and see 40-50, the place feels dead but it's great fatcats easy 150 on weekend, more likely more but also ... more »

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made my day, wet myself thanks dude ... more »
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nice for us lot

! shite for Italy though, so long after WTF
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give him time he is a 450 rookie after all, the main issue he has is the others are doing so bloody well i hope he comes through, it is sad if he cannot get the potential out and the wheels fall off

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he is watching the whole season imo and it is apparent every race so far this year, last nights track could easily have caused an issue the way it was turning over and he chose not to keep pushing it is his 1st season back from doom, think about that ... more »

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#94 come on man - let's have it tonight

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only ever charge it if it's flat because i've been a dick and left it on for more than 5 weeks with no riding