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Must have been pretty warm in Anaheim last night!

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Probably this one.

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Privateer Peick kicking his bike off the stand, then finding out they'd given him the last transfer spot over Kiniry is a classic for me.

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They docked him two positions.

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He’s been to the Ryan Dungey school of social media!

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Tried watching on the NBC Sports website like I have done every other year but the picture is just black with no sound. Tried on my tv and my phone.

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It could be unrelated, but, on the pulp show a few weeks ago when Lucas Mirtl was on, it was mentioned that Answer didn't renew their deal with Villopoto. Perhaps they are having money issues.

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It's just a way for him to try and get into their heads. He talks about doing the same thing to Herlings in this video.

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Jason Anderson has been quite vocal about wanting to finish out his career with Bobby Hewitt and his team, and it sounded like he would probably have a ride there for as long as he wanted. I wonder if this will change things for Anderson as far as that ... more »

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This was the advice going round in the UK from one of the MTB magazines. Makes sense to me.

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Didn't Leib briefly ride for the Gariboldi Honda 250 team as well?

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A lot of companies are pulling back on their marketing budget in light of the current coronavirus situation. Matthes mentioned this week that some sponsors had pulled out of his podcasts. Toyota of Escondido asked for all their trucks back from guys ... more »

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Jason Thomas taking out Mike Picone on the way back to the pits at Dade City!!!

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Does Shane McElrath taking a dive last year for TLD KTM so as not to point out of 250 supercross for the following year, then jumping teams to Star Yamaha count?

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I think a lot of his issues stem from his height, or lack thereof. He just looks so small on the bike, must be hard to weight the bike properly when you're so limited to how far you can move your weight forwards and backwards. He always seems to sit ... more »

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Nicholls looked good in practice. Clarke crashed in race 1 off the left side of the mound coming out of the bomb hole and ended up in the ditch. He got back on his bike and tried to spin it round to face the right way again and proceeded to crash fairly ... more »

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It was still a good day despite the weather. This corner claimed a few riders though, Herlings struggled pretty badly through this section in race 2.

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Holy shit! 1km into the special. Driver and co-driver both airlifted with back injuries.

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I’ll second this! I got a wrap from Magiksc a couple of years ago and it’s still going strong. Solid matte black Shoei helmet with white and flo orange on a matte black wrap. The wrap fits the helmet so well that a lot of people mistake it for a custom

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