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Claimed 208 w/no fuel...

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Not to take anything away from Coombs, but I've seen a lot of promoters set up tables and pick up trash. All that other stuff you mentioned, though, is top-notch and above and beyond the standard seen elsewhere and a big reason LL's has persisted as ... more »

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I quit using torque specs for everything but engine parts several years ago. Nothing has fallen off yet. But, to help out, do what davis224 suggested, except 25 for the subframe sounds better.

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Loaned a real nice CR250 that I just finished setting up for woods riding (Eric Gorr big-bore/porting, FCR springs/valving front rear, etc., etc., even had a plate for it) to a friend. I watched from 200 feet away as he whiskey throttled it into the ... more »

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"There are only three sports in life: mountaineering, bullfighting and motorsport. The rest are merely games." -- E. Hemingway

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Classic Bradshaw. Cool video.

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