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Reply to 2004 CR125 7/9/2018 1:23 PM

Good stuff man, I recently picked up a 2002 CR125, needs alot, but I'm in the last phases of getting it back together! Need a few more parts and she'll be up and running soon!

Reply to Motosport discount codes? 6/27/2018 10:35 AM

That's what I was planning to do, just figured I'd ask here first lol

Reply to Bought a bike with no title 6/24/2018 12:22 PM

Haha another reason I love Texas! All the used bikes I'be bought here, you ask about a title, and they're like, what's a title lol But if you were in Cali you'd be so screwed even owning a bike without a title, let alone riding it... But if you need ... more »

Reply to Best / known motercross radiators 6/22/2018 9:10 PM

Lol been running GPI Racing radiators on my CR125, also had a buddy that rode them on his CRF450R with no problems, at least not yet lol I mean, they're $90 radiators. So I figured, what the

But I don't know what'd they be like for harder ... more »
Reply to 2002 Honda CR125! 6/18/2018 2:00 PM

Update: I can't tell you how many bottles of WD-40 I've used on this bike, dirt was just EVERYWHERE and was caked on everything.... so I took the subframe off and covered up the carb and sprayed WD-40 over EVERYTHING! Let it soak for a little bit, and ... more »

Reply to Once and for all 2v4 6/16/2018 11:06 PM

Depends on who's riding

I'm just curious, has any one else seen the 1986 Des Nations? Where Johnny absolutely smoked all the 500 riders (except for Bailey) on his 125? Becasue imo, it's the rider that makes the bike fast... ... more »
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Yeah, pretty much this lol

Reply to Ditch the 4 strokes once and for all. 6/16/2018 6:28 PM

Yeah I'm not a huge fan of the mixing fuel thing either, I liked just packing up the bikes in the truck and stopping by a gas station on the way to the track and full up the bike and my 5 gallon gas can when I had my 4 strokes... But like I just said,

... more »
Reply to 2004 YZ125 Build (Round 2) 6/16/2018 6:10 PM

Dang! She's looking perdy now!!!

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I never really got used to, or liked the engine braking on the 4 strokes, I like being able to downshift in the corners, keep on the clutch, and upshift out of them, I don't ride or really want to ride professionally, I just ride for fun, and I have ... more »