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Looking for a set of wheels I can use for a practice set for my YZ250X. I believe, but I'm not positive just about any 2005 up yamaha big bike rear should work, as for the front I believe it's more specific to YZ250 or 125 because the 4 strokes are a ... more »

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Looking into buying a motovan. Definitely looking more along the econoline/express range, don't have the budget or needs for a sprinter. If you know anyone selling feel free to drop the link here, thanks!

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I think you're making a good call with surgery. Did you by chance ask the surgeon how many of these types of surgeries he has done?

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And as AH387 said I don't think $5k is terribly high, just expect valves and probably a piston. If it were me I'd lean towards spending more for lower hours. Just personal preference though.

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Imo too much for the hours with no maintance. Just saw an 18 with 26hrs on the FB for $6k today.

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I had mine done at Shelbourne's in indianapolis Dec. 2019. I think he's done something like 5,000+ and many articles you'll find are written or contributed to by him. He does a contralateral patella graft as to allow each knee to heal individually. I ... more »

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Looking to buy a good condition KX250 expansion chamber. Figured I'd check on here before buying one brand new. Thinking maybe PC works, but throw out what you have if you have something. Thanks!

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I really like the looked of the hose clamps you used (the appear to be like what's used with plumbing water pipe) but my only question is do you have any trouble getting them off? Do you have to cut them or can you uncrimp them somehow?

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$450 obo

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For sale, bought for a 2016 YZ250X. Should fit any YZ250 from 1999 till now, but do your research. Used, like new. Tried it, decided it's not for my style of riding and I'm going back to a manual clutch. No notching or wear besides the lock washer obviously

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This, 100%. I was at about 8 months between injury to surgery and spent much or that time working on strength and getting full range of motion. I can't imagine how bad surgery would've been if I didn't get that range back first. If you haven't settled ... more »

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I was back to running around the 2 month mark, and riding at 3 months. Given, I was doing PT and ROM every day. This was after a patella graft, I would be much more cautious with the cadaver graft that you had.

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MSRP $6500, dealer probably let it go for $6000. Add on 25 hours and two years soooo $5000ish

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I was at Walmart today and the bike racks were empty, absolutely sold out. I guess some good has come from all this!

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What Keith said is a good starting point for sure. What a lot of people have found especially helpful with these bikes though is upgrading the carb to a Keihin PWK

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Whether they're rebranded Galfer or not, I've found them to be a great product. IMO most of the Tusk hard part are pretty good.

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That's really cool! Is it some sort of light element embedded in the graphics, or is the plastic modified?

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BikeGraphix does it for a pretty good price. Something like $120 for a full kit, your art.

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The s turn at the end of the whoops will probably be back for pro day, they've taken it out in the past on Thursday for amateur practice