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New thread Mike Laracco Starts 1/28/2018 1:48 AM

Watching old supercross races and I wonder if Jeremy McGrath would have been so dominant if Laracco could have figured out the starts. Many of the races he was riding faster than McGrath, but when you get bad starts night after night it makes it hard ... more »

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New thread KTM Hydraulic Clutch Issue 3/19/2017 5:07 PM

I am changing all the fluids in my 2014 KTM 250 SX. Right now I'm out of oil so the transmission is empty. I have been working on the hydraulic clutch and changing the fluid. I was able to change the fluid fine just like I did the brakes, but I noticed ... more »

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New thread 2017 KTM 250sx 300 Kit available? 1/19/2017 9:49 PM

Anyone know if KTM offers or will offer a 300 kit for the 2017 250sx?

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New thread Non-Factory Color Plastics 1/14/2017 7:37 PM

Anywhere to buy plastics that are not factory colors? For instance something like Green or Blue plastics that fit a KTM, Orange plastics for Kawasaki, etc.

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New thread Finding Riding Partner(s) 9/27/2015 8:15 PM

I'm just now this year getting back into riding dirt bikes (haven't really rode in 20 years) and I don't really have any friends who ride. Looking for good ways to meet others that ride. I would really like to start riding at a local track as well but ... more »

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New thread Boise Idaho Tracks? 6/15/2015 9:21 PM

Just wondering where everyone in the Boise area is riding? I know about OMC, but it's private, and Pleasant Valley has closed. I have heard about a few other private tracks, but not many options for public tracks that I can find in the area.

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New thread 2014 KTM 250 SX Jetting Higher Elevations 5/4/2015 9:36 PM

Just bought a used 2014 KTM 250 SX with very little hours on it. It still has the original tires on it and they have only a little wear on them. It has a Pro Circuit Pipe with a Type 296 silencer/SA on it. I took the bike out this past weekend to ride ... more »

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