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My son loves

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Both Sr Mini 1 and Sr Mini 2 are mod. Typically at area qualifiers Sr Mini 1 is on Saturday and Sr Mini 2 is on Sunday. At the regional all classes race Saturday and Sunday.

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My wife was the trophy girl at the 89 Atlanta SX. We didn't meet until a few years later. When YouTube came along I finally got a chance to see her in action. In the ESPN version they show her standing between Stanton and Johnson as they show the credits ... more »

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If your brakes are spongy and your front wheel drags, chances are that the two are related. Sounds like a bent rotor or an improperly installed wheel.

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Is the galling caused by a lack of lubrication? If so, would it be possible to do the same type of modifications that are popular among YFZ450 atv owners? Google yfz450 oil mod and there's plenty of information available.

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I've seen them do what you explained and the piston was cracked.

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Metal Finishers of Atlanta in Lilburn or Georgia Plating in Covington. I use both on a regular basis. Both do excellent work.

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Had it happen on an almost brand new 99 KX250. Turned out to be an air leak at the center cases.

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The bearing you ordered is the correct part number. It's the same part since 2001. Should be a 6003 bearing. Maybe the first bearing you ordered was packaged incorrectly, or double check the part number and make sure one of the middle numbers isn't incorrect. ... more »

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You're correct. 84 and 85 had the ATAC. 86 and later did not. I don't remember them having the ATAC label either. Had several 86 and 87s. I don't remember seeing ATAC on any of the cylinders.

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1985 was the only year the CR80 had the ATAC system

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Check the piston. Common for them to crack and do what yours is doing.

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1993? Are you sure about that? I seem to remember him getting injured around 88-89.

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A slipper clutch is one thing. An automatic clutch is something completely different. Are the majority of the pros using a slipper or an automatic?

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Try your local Yamaha dealer. They are selling tickets.

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One time we were at an area qualifier, and we had to leave as soon as the second moto was over. I didn't check the scoring and just loaded up and left. Lane called my son and told him that they had scored him wrong. We couldn't go back, so Lane talked ... more »

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Anybody know anything about the condition of the guy who wrecked today? Anybody missing a pair of boots? If you are, message me before 4:00pm Monday and I will make arrangements to ship them to you if needed.

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It's almost like clock work. Every year about this time I see several 4 strokes blow up here in GA. I think it has more to do with the temp change than the gas. My theory is the cold air is making these bikes run lean. A lean bike runs hotter. Titanium ... more »

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Anybody else having problems with getting paid by Suzuki?

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Magnesium parts with Dow 7 coating?