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I would contact an insurance agency that sells surety bonds. They'll have all the forms and info.

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Did I miss something in the MXA article? It says "first look" but I didn't see a single picture, the info is pretty much what's been rumored for months, and the link they put up to Yamaha's website doesn't say anything about any 2019 bikes.

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I'm checking out the results and notice that there's a participant in the womens class named 618279 Whiteside. I'm curious, so I do a little search and the name pops up in several race results. Will someone please share some details on the most unique ... more »

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Where's the results?

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There was a pretty crazy story from last year's PW class involving an AMA official and a mom. Apparently the kid didn't qualify but was given preferential treatment since mom was taking one for the team. Obviously the parents of the kid who earned a ... more »

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So Alan doesn't know you and goes out of his way to let you test ride his bike, and your buddy goes and buys one somewhere else without giving Alan the chance at the sell?

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A1 Racing Suspension has secured RV and trailer parking 15 minutes from the stadium. They have 24 hrs security and the price is very reasonable.

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If you're willing to travel to Georgia I can probably arrange a test ride on a 18. If anyone is interested in any new TM I can help you out.

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The house across from MTF is currently for sale. My friends lived there all of last year. The show hauler and stacker trailer are at the MotoX Compound. I'm not sure who is using it.

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I have 3 YZ250Fs insured by Pogressive. Two are stock. One I have insured for $20k. It's only $700 a year for full coverage and covers up to $3000 in upgrades on the stock bikes.

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Some electronic changes in 2011 also

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Is this the same as the MSR sprocket that Tucker Rocky sells?

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I sent them a Vortex ignition for a YZ250F. The tracking showed it was delivered, but they claimed they never got it. They weren't too concerned with tryig to find it or help remedy the situation. I'll never deal with them again.

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The finish line position was discussed at the rider's meeting. It was also announced over the intercom several times throughout the race days. The announcer is the one who proclaimed the initial winner- not the AMA or any race official. Escore doesn't ... more »

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My 2015 250f from a couple of years ago
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I read the story on the Go Fund Me page. Something's a little fishy about this. Some of the details just don't add up.

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EDM? Dean at Tricon Tool McDonough, GA (770)787-1002