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I got some GoPro I could post tonight. Had to convince the mx sports dude it was a garmin to let me run it

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Hell yeah brother I'll see you there. For real though, IMI is the home of the quadtards, better than it used to be though and the main track is pretty fun. When I saw Colorado in the link I was pretty sure it would be IMI.

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I'm waiting for an answer and I only sent the form in for the Lakewood race so far but I would drive out to the east coast to race 125s.

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Just signed up for Lakewood. Anybody have an extra 125 laying around?

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450s aren't that fast. I'm 185 pounds so I'm on he heavy side, but I've had newer ktm 250s and 350s and they do not have enough power when the track gets deep and I have to ride the piss out of them to make them go anywhere. My husky 450 has just enough ... more »

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Definitely looks like a step in the right direction. It would be awesome to see some kind of test between all the major helmet manufactures that looks at performance in a crash.

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Do you need a pro card?

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I can help but I won't be back there until the first weekend in February and I'm only staying for a day or 2. Edit: do you have a link to the bike?

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Rampart is good, but in the summer the Snyder creek trails outside of Granby are the place to ride off road. Miles of sandy-ish, flowy singletrack with some tech stuff thrown in and killer views as well.

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Always that and pit bits

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That was only for the redbull stuff due to liscensing. I actually just went to checkout for the graphics at Rocky Mountain and it looks like that would work now too, which is cool.

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You can have mine for 5500...

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That's a kicker arenacross, it's an un sanctioned amatuer race so they have all the 250 and 450 a,b,c classes as well as vets and minis. The AMA series that most are thinking of is the amsoil ax with the pros and you can only race 125s and 250fs in that ... more »

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Definitely cool but depending on the extent of the motor mods it could be a time bomb or slower than a stock ktm/husky. I'd choose a fresh used Austrian bike over this any day.

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Thanks for the replies JVT357-thank you for the specific information, this is really what I'm looking for because the desert is a big ass place and I want to have an idea of where to go, park, etc. Michael Scott- I did, those dudes rip and elevated does ... more »

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I'm moving out there for school on Monday and bringing my bike. I've been looking on the inter webs at tracks and stuff in the surrounding area and I'm wondering if someone can give me some information on the best ones within 2 hours or so. Anything ... more »

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I was riding today and my bike just died on a straight going wide open. Motor turns over and everything but it has no spark, the starter is dead, and the FI light doesn't even come on when bump starting. My friend said something about a fuse but if it's ... more »

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