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Saw the new helmet at performance cycle of Colorado last night, they actually have them for sale. Looks exactly like there D4 Mountain bike helmet but obviously more substantial. Does not look like there is any new protection Technology except for the ... more »

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Fuck I miss that place, made it possible to go to school and still ride a bunch. Was pretty common for me to show up late for class smelling like pre-mix. Props to you for making it a better place to ride

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They only use those on the Enduro models, the motocross and cross country bikes come with Brembos

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Wow that was the longest sentence I've ever tried to read, maybe use some punctuation next time. As far as the bike can you Roll start it? On one of my kTM's a part of the sub frame where the battery grounds to cracked at the welds on either side where ... more »

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Anybody know what happened with walker and Robin and the team last year? My guess is it wasn't about engine mounts

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Yes you are. I know it's unrelated to this thread but I was super stoked to see Hughes walk out of the hospital, wonder if he will be able to have proper body position with all those vertebrae's fuse together. May even be worse than wearing a neck brace ... more »

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Here was my old 19 YZ 450 F tried camo for something different.

... more »
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Hell yeah man good choice. I got to spend a day on the Kawasaki and really didn't like it, weird ergonomically, soft forks that ruined the handling, and a motor that had a good delivery but was down on power. Ended up going with the KTM and loved it. ... more »

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Such a fucked up situation. Great to hear he at least has hand movement though and wishing him the best. Those medical bills Will be a hell of a lot more than 75 grand though.

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One thing give the suspension about 10 hours to break in before you change anything it does get much better around that point

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Are they injecting fuel directly into the throttlebody instead of using the TPI System or is that just an oil injector?

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As somebody who owned one I would stay away from the yt. They are notoriously bad with parts availability and customer service especially with supply chains being what they are right now. Wouldn't risk it right now especially with something that has ... more »

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I had a lot of big ones on both Moto and MTB but by far my biggest was racing downhill last summer. Now my body doesn't move anymore. Don't care what Ryno says wish I had a neck brace

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Which ever helmet you pick I am sure you will be good at polishing it. In all serious Ness I have done a lot of ” Field testing” on various brands and my favorite was the 6d. The technology is also pretty amazing and seems to combine a lot of other brands ... more »

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Always wanted to try one so I could piss off some spandex wearing cross country guy bye taking the strava Kom from him on the climb.

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He is wrong. The 250 wasn't updated until 2017 but your 125 was updated in 2016 with the four strokes. The shock body should work

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That's nothing a seller literally sent my buddy a dick pic on Facebook marketplace one time with his face and everything in it. Dude was being a dick so my buddy called him out on it, seller says sounds like you want to see it and just send the picture. ... more »

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I'd like to see this in print, or at least have there be an accompanying transcript. Video is a heavy lift in many situations. Not everyone has the time, privacy, quiet, bandwidth, or device capability for video at all times. I hate seeing something like this and thinking, "I'll have to circle back...more

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Here is my last one paying homage to Ricky Bobby era Moto did the kit

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Seems like a bunch of corporate bullshit to me. That being said Breaking your neck fucking sucks so maybe not on top but under the visor and on the chin bar definitely makes sense