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I have not heard much good about the new Englishtown track, The previous track looked epic. I’d hate to see budds see the chopping block, Lots of history there... on the other hand, I don’t see much value in muddy creek. I’d like to see them use the ... more »

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Yeahhhhhhh, Don’t buy from this guy

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Is he the most un likely 450 supercross champion of all time? If we rewind the clock, to all not that long ago he was told to stay home and race when he feels ready. Was a good amateur rider, But no prodigy. He did win a regional title, but after a few ... more »

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I’d rather play supercross 2000, game sucks

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2 added 6x9 speakers with a 10” kicker subwoofer, Added a weatherproof outlet under the van for generator hook up, added in lights controlled by switches and outlets. Will be nice on race day for air compressors ... more »
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Buddy of mine just bought an 18 fc250, Was wondering if there was any mods right off the bat you guys reccomend. Please don't say an ignition, Because that's a little bit unrealistic for this situation lol.

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Already have a fmf slip on and clamps, Looking for wheels, covers, Headers, ti Pegs/parts.

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2016 left over savanna purchased brand new, In June. Well insulated, nice fold down bench seat/bed. Installing subwoofers, amplifer, speaker etc. shortly. Xd128 wheels on falken wildpeak tires l. Wish I had better pictures of the garage half!

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... more »
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I'll never forget my family trip there going back close to 10 years ago, I was just a young kid from Massachusetts on a week long dirtbike vacation. She was so kind and welcoming to us. We had the place to our self and I'll never forget every day big ... more »

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Looking for clamps, wheels, pipe etc. trick stuff etc

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Almost positive the nest was sold again as of recent, not 100% sure on that

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There's a fair amount in NORTH Carolina, But mostly all around the northern end. Jwtf ish area, I will say motovated mx and club are well worth the drive awesome amazing facility's

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"This is part of why I no longer race" or because you can't hit the whoops after lap 5? Or maybe because you're just not good enough? Weird, I know.

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West craven mx, cow branch mx are both super cool. NCMP is a popular pick as well in that area.