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Anyone know if there was a body line aside from the car line? My grandma lives a couple miles away and I was going to Uber to the gas station, pick up some cold ones, and try to pound as many as I could before I waltz in - or offer a few to whoever would ... more »

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I'm 5'9" and my dad is 5'6" and my RMz450 fits us both just fine, even though it's adjusted more to my height. They're all fairly adjustable, especially if you're okay with shaving your seat, etc.

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Rad! Toshiki rips.

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I completely understand and agree with what OP is saying, but good god does the term "snowflake" bother me. Can we just go back to saying "pussy" or "bitch" or "pussy-ass-bitch" like we did before? I'm all for progress, but let's not forget how to insult ... more »

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I posted some of these in another thread, but I like them. On the 125. No jersey because it was from a quick photo shoot hucking a T-shirt for my art brand.

... more »
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Still gooning after being off the bike for a few years. My elbows got pretty soft.

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The FIM desperately needs to reconsider their approach to rules if they want to exist and make any sort of money for the next decade. This whole fiasco has been unbelievably unprofessional and arcane. Absolutely pathetic.

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What is it with these desperately retarded threads lately? Jesus, have some self control.

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And I thought I was drunk tonight. Corporate puppet? This isn't WWF, Einstein.

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They also plan on re-opening Starwest at the fairgrounds.

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Yeah, she rules. My chick was watching and goes "damn she is fast". It helps me convince her that she should buy a bike, which is a big consideration right now.

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It's honestly insane to watch him when he's on a solid heater. Just pure brutality. I love his style when he starts getting aggressive.

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I just checked that out. Not my style, but he's surprisingly good for the genre. I want someone to come out with some aggro/funky Big L-type single, then we're talking.

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It didn't look like an intentional takeout. It was an aggressive move that most likely dug a little deeper than AF intended. It happens. I'm a fan of both of them and love seeing more aggressive racing. I definitely don't think Austin was trying to destroy ... more »

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"I know what this bike is worth today, but neither of us know what it will be worth in 10 years." Less than $6,500.

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Even with clues in context can it not be so easy to understand for titles on motorcross forum online to translate, bozo.

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I placed money on him last weekend and won a crisp $100.

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Then you're watching the wrong sport, dude.