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Beautiful work as always BD. How are the ergos compared to your old honda? How about the front end feel? How does it compare at turn in vs the Honda? I’m sure the engines have a totally different feeling as well. I am debating on whether I want to build ... more »

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You must not have read transworld motocross much then! I say that because his test is better than 95% of the junk they used to put out.

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It really is a sweet deal on a nice bike.! I would be more interested in one of your factory 250s though

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Can’t be fast without a pipe!.

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I will never forget. It was awful. It is awful.

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I have the full exhaust system that I took off new. 0 hours on it. $100 plus shipping.

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What’s a whole shot??

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These graphs are great but COME On.... each brand has a color, it’s confusing when you use some other color to represent it. Then change the color again on the next graph. Would it be that hard to match them up???? I quit following them after the 2nd graph.

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I have been down this road many times. I would hunt for a great deal on a new one and then you don’t have any doubt about what your getting. I just picked up a new leftover 2016 Honda for close to 4K. Then found a vortex ignition and a full pipe for

... more »
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What are your plans for the build David? I know for me these bikes bring back good memories.. I miss those steel frame Yamahas with that candy blue frame!

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Honda just wishes Derek would port for them.

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Are you at 174 the main chamber and 189 the balance? Or the other way around?

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4cs forks were the worst forks I have had in my 30 years of riding. I would pass unless it’s cheap enough deal to do a Kyb conversion right away.

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RIP young lady.

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I hear you can save a ton of weight by using an aluminum shift drum in your tranny these days.

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Today a 250f. I can ride it twice as long as any other bike I have.

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Takeoff with 2 hours time on it. $65.00 shipped in the US Builtotride AT

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