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Reply to With Tonus out, how about giving Gannon Audette a chance on the Monster Pro Circuit Kawi team... 3/30/2016 3:52 PM


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Racer X has confirmed that privateer Gannon Audette has landed a Monster Pro Circuit ride for the rest of SX filling in (we assume)for Tonus — Racer X (@racerxonline) March 29, 2016

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From being at ford field for football games in the past i don't see where they would put the pit area indoors. Hopefully they'll have some sort of set up outside the stadium.

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I thought so, but this is what is says under the details of the ford field round: Saturday March 19, 2016 Main Event - 6:30PM Doors Open/Practice & Qualifying - Noon *Note: There will be no pit party, but doors will be open at Noon for practice and ... more »

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First SX race for me as well this weekend. Looking at the supercross live website i'm seeing no pit party for this round unfortunately.

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Broc, Thanks for doing this! I know you don't get much time off, if any... During your down time, have you ever hit the trails in northern MI? Baldwin area etc? Curious if you enjoy that kind of riding as a break from the regular grind. Heal up quick! ... more »

Reply to How would you handle this Rocky Mountain Atv Mc problem 1/16/2016 10:37 AM

Brought this to their attention on Twitter, and they responded. It's never good when you have a bad experience like this. Hope they get you squared away! Best of luck!

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Shot this on my iPhone. Didn't turn out to bad.
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I hope he sticks around. Possibly gets up in the booth a few times. It does seem like he's enjoying retirement so

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http://espn.go.com/video/clip?id=espn:13677061 Link to the segment

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Cole Seely, hands down best gear

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J-Bone, Saw the JGRmx Instagram this morning with you taking a make a wish child through the shop. First off, major props for doing such an awesome thing for a child in need. My question is: Does JGR plan on becoming a 3 rider team in the future? I know ... more »

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Redddddddd Buuuudddddd!!!

Best way to celebrate the 4th
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Hahaha this guy gets it

Way better than the failed "pinned" advertisement
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Here's what i could find for sizing. Shoei L 7 3/8 - 7 1/2 TLD L 7 1/4 - 7 1/2 I switched from fox, same size for both and the fit was spot on

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I found cambria as well this year and picked up a SE3. Cant beat that price. Enjoy the new lid

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Saw this post on a Facebook page, Michigan MX motorcycles for sale, and it reminded me of this post. Sounds pretty similar. "SELLERS BEWARE: I posted my RMZ 450 for sale on craigslist and fb. A guy by the name of 'Greg Smith' contacted me from phone ... more »

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It would be nice to add another guy to the mix who can grab podiums. Here is hoping this outdoor season is as great as last year.