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2005 Kawasaki KX125 Build
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Hey there. Shoot me a DM. An 03 will fit my year. Interested in some pics and price!

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Looking to purchase a subframe for a 2005 KX125, looking for a straight subframe with no cracks or bends.

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Dean Wilson’s instagram story from today shows RJ on his 250…wonder if they’ll just be running with Shane.

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Fake news

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He was referring to this.

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When AJ Catanzaro is on a 125 and beating you on a factory KTM, there’s something wrong.

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Their Instagram account was up this morning now it’s gone. I know they we’re asking a few guys like Starling, Karnow & Lane to fill in for Seattle but didn’t have anyone. Wondering if maybe they lost funding from a sponsor due to not having a certain

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Amateur I know had a brand new 2022 that he was getting ready to break in before RCSX, ran 4 heat cycles on it, and then went out for a slow easy moto and it locked up on the landing of a jump a few laps in. .3 hours on it and that was from heat cycles. ... more »

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It got pretty sloppy unfortunately. Lots of quads and vintage bikes hydrolocked or got stuck in the mud.

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PAX is open everyday this week and lots of privateers still go to prep there. Great facility with showers, wash stations, etc.

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Injured his shoulder in race 2 last week. Done for SX

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Before that he literally lived in an old fifth wheel for a few years and had an old storage container as a shop

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We'll try to make that a little more regular. I'm getting back in the groove here. Just grinding, trusting the process, pushing to the end of the moto...etc, etc, etc...

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Pit bits posted during the night show!!! The devil works hard but ML512 works harder!

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How much for the Baggett Helmet?

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Best advice I could give apart from what everyone else is saying is to build the track so you can run it forwards or backwards. Helps with keeping some variety and not getting bored of the track when you can run it either way.

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Regular fuel on the balls sucks, but VP Pro6 on the balls is like having a mixture of fire, ice, contact cleaner and lemon juice all on your sack.

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Brian lived with Marvin and Mathilde, they helped him become accustomed to life in America, translated for him, taught him how to drive, fed him, and gave him a home when he was away from his family as a young man, they saw him like a little brother ... more »

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As long as Dean has the social media interaction that he does he’ll have a spot at Husky. He previously said he intends to retire at the end of 2023.