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Wow yeah that looks bad. He said mine would die due to lack of blood flow in the ball and humerus was broken off so they did an implant. In 2015 I had it done again because I was having trouble with it and another surgeon told me they sized it incorrectly ... more »

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I had one in 03 at 43 when I fell practicing and shattered the humeral ball. Still raced but with severely limited ROM. Work hard on muscle rebuilding, it goes away and doesn’t come back if you’re older. Still riding today at 60 pretty sore though.

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24 motos, stuff happens.

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I miss that guy.

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I dug it. Leave it alone, it's funny and Ronnie Macs riding is super legit. Perfect for this event. Having said that, maybe the swing arm decals were too much. Kids ya know.

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Hang tough Grant, prayers sent.

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RIP Steve.

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Man I had a Super Rat and raced in the 100 class in the early 70s. That thing was fast and it made me a good mechanic too. Danny Chandler had a trick Steens/Hodaka and completely waxed everyone in that class. I know, shocker.

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This. I sold my 450 in March and am back on a CR250. 58 yrs old. The 4t was too heavy feeling unless you were always riding fast and I don't want too. Now it's fun again esp in the woods.

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This thread delivers.

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Awesome thanks! He woulda caught Joey anyway! Sooo funny man well done!

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So sad. Thoughts with his family today.

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I raced a 125 until I was 43, then a 250t until 49, then a 450. Now I'm back on a 250t. That 125 was the most fun.

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My name is Brian. I'm a 30 year Honda auto tech. Started racing in NorCal in the early 70s, D36 AMA, CMC a lot of tracks back then. Started back racing in 95, MX, HS and speedway at Cal Expo and Auburn until about 2005. I'm 58 and mostly ride my dual

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I raced my 95 CR125 until I was 43, I loved that bike.

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she's a beaut, Clark

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I wonder why guys who don't win still race? Especially guys like KW or Short? Maybe cuz they dig it. Lifestyle. Look at Reed. That guy DGAF that he's past winning championships, just loves riding dirt bikes.