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I’ve been a dozen times or more over the last 20 years, but not for the last 2. Started in Indy with my buddies in the late 90’s, went through the Orlando change, then a time or two back in Indy. I’m a Motorsports fan and that’s where I’ve made my living ... more »

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Earned a 2 digit national number competing in only 450 supercross. I’d say that accomplishment in itself should earn quite a bit of respect.

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Bringing this back up, still have the kit.

Started new thread No Fear boots size 11 10/12/2018 9:36 AM

Great shape and comfy! Haven’t ridden in quite a few years and

it’s shaping up to be quite a few more. Boxing these up this weekend, make a reasonable offer and cover the shipping and they are yours. ... more »

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I’ve been doing IF for around a month. 16-8 schedule (11am-7pm). First intake around noon and an easy dinner before 7. I’m not huge on breakfast anyway so this suits me just fine. 6’1” 225 to start, not enough exercise and too many calories from beer. ... more »

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I watched this video 11-teen times trying to figure out what happened until I realized that 360 fisheye lens thing had giving me a ripping headache.

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Change in ownership to allow the stadium to be used in other capacities could be beneficial. Of course it could take years before it may trickle down to adding dirt for motorsports. Being 30 minutes from uptown I would love it to hold an event obviously, ... more »

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I might actually end up in Charlotte proper tomorrow (today..). I’ll shoot you a message if I do and we can meet up if you’re available. If not, we’ll figure something out. Thanks man

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2007? No Fear Elektron gear set 38 pants, XL Jersey, Large gloves. Looking for my doppelgänger that’s 6’1” and 220 pounds who wants vintage No Fear gear in great shape. I’m in NC, so there are some red clay stains. Pants are in great shape, Jersey has

... more »

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Deanoooooo. Always making me proud to be a fan of the 1 - 5. The youtube vid has 1k likes and ONE...1 dislike?! who in the F needs their brain rearranged in their mostly empty head I wish I knew. Awesome sentiment and execution Dean, Cheers to ya!

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Got this helmet from work years ago, it was sent in after a crash and destroyed for inspection. It sat on my bookshelf in my office for years but now I don't have an office and it needs a new home. Cheaper than cutting one up of your own! Pretty cool

... more »

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Hadn’t heard of him until he lined up at Hangtown but that put me on notice. He’s been solid, hope he continues the good rides and stays healthy this summer.

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So you’d rather there be one less bike out there? What’s your point? I don’t get it

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I'm excited to see the future for this kid! Talented outdoors and just proved he's getting the chops to compete at a very high level indoors.

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Certainly looks like the TLR mark to me. Look up TLR performance out of Fla.

Added reply in a thread How about Darian Sanayei? 3/30/2018 6:06 AM This vid right here made me a fan of his in 2013. Standing up and ripping.

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Tickle has been T-Boned before, this wasn’t it.

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I’ve got nothing to add except echo the sentiments of those above me. Well done man! Hope to see more of these from you

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Could not agree more! Cheers to OP for the assist and good luck to these 2 riders chasing those main events!

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18th after lap 1. That's a tough night from there if you're running the same lap times as 8-12th place guys.