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People are out of touch if you think Honda wants Vince over any rider due to people buying bikes on Monday. How about, SmartTop wants Vince to return because they mention his name and sponsor 5 times a night during the broadcast regardless of his finish ... more »

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Could not agree more. I love the banter between the 2 but find myself 99/100 times agreeing with JT’s takes. It’s nice to listen to him give us some insight and opinion just laying it out solo. I’ll definitely listen as long as he wants to provide it. ... more »

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Nothing to add OP, I’d suggest NOT buying one at a thrift store and making a post about your score though. That doesn’t end well here. 😬

Started new thread Rodbell 10/3/2020 6:39 PM

Just wanna give this dude some props. Good follow on instagram, great interviews on the podcasts, and absolutely crushing it weekly. Never heard of the guy till this year. Always finishing in the teens, working a blue collar job and going to solidify ... more »

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Do I remember correctly that Weege said on a review pod that her bike wasn’t running up to par during a lot of the moto? I was stoked to see her out there, hope she gets more opportunities. Nice work Jordan!

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Quoted only due to use of “dumbdick” made me think of Filthy Phil talking about his friends and competitors alike. That made this thread moto to me 🤷🏻‍♂️

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65 was my karting number as a little kid. I read a Jody article in MXA for new racers to select a number with a 1 in it to make sure it fit on your plates 😂. I didn’t feel an 8 year old deserved a 2 digit number, or know any better, so 651 I became when ... more »

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I was out after the title was “make MOTOCROSS great again” but the first 4 comments revolve around Feld.

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New CEO in January who isn’t a fan of motorsports the NASCAR press says? New Suzook ceo is reinvesting (supposedly) and new Geico CEO is pulling out. Win some ya lose some I reckon

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They made it sound like it had been for sale for quite a while, like this wasn't a new development.

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Should be noted that the ebay auction benefiting Tevin is live. There’s a link on Riders like Zacho, Musquin, AC, Sexton, Craig and others have their used race gear available for a good cause.

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Step one: post normal video riding as usual Step two: friend *jokes* good luck at RB Step three: ???? Step four: Vital 🤯🤯

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Hmmm. Maybe cutting team ties and sticking with the series sponsorships it seems?

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According to the twitter rumor mill, Geico did not re-up with the NASCAR team they sponsor either. They’ve been on that car for many many years with that team.

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Too slow 😂

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Starlings dad is an official if IIRC

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Shaping up to be a helluva championship. I love the Barcia flashes of brilliance, the parody on the podium and seeing Eli not rolling over. I hate to see Max down for so long. We need all those guys who can run top 10 healthy. Hope he’s ok. Glad to see ... more »

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This thread got me looking for prices around me (West Slope Co) the online ads are 2020’s for $8999 and a couple 19’s for $6999. Some 20’s in Wyoming a few hundred miles away for $7499. Still undecided what color my next freshie this fall may be....

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Thanks for the updates Mav! Looks like Wright and Pettis aren’t playing around this year!

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*this thread again ughhhh* “Well I’m not opening it” *opens it* “I sure won’t read ALL the new comments” *reads all new comments* “Well I will NOT post in it” *posts in it* ............ 30 minutes later *this thread AGAIN* “Well I won’t open it”.............. ... more »